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Travel Blogging for Money 2012 by Andy Lee Graham - How To Travel Blog

Can you make money writing a travel Blog? Here are my ideas, here are my thoughts, not in any very organized way, but here they are...

Sun, 5 Feb 2012 02:41:52

2012 Travel Writing

I would guess there are at least 50 type of Travel Blog genres, but I suspect most travelers want to take a long trip, and write a daily travelogue. In the romanticized view of travel Blogging, the dream, the writer goes on a long trip of introspection and revelation, where he or she learns many things of value, falls in love and lives happily ever after.

49 out of 50 “Travel Blogs” are “Travel Sites,” they are not “Travel Blogs.”
1 is a “Travelogue,” do you want a travel site or a travelogue?

Eat, Pray, and Love
The movie “Eat Pray, and Love,“ with Julia Roberts is what stereotypically would be the example given for a great travelogue, it is an exception to all things, to do this, to make money, is about a 1 in a million thing, it is not going to happen that way...

The Daily Story is the Vicarious Story
A daily travelogue can be entertaining, but to keep the audience, you cannot travel, the best travelogue would be about only one country. Then you could grow an audience of 1000’s, but if you are writing France, then leave and go to Turkey, you are going to lose half your readers. To take a daily entertainment travel Blog to higher levels, the writer must have loyal readers who like to hear opinions about the world. If the writer is only giving the photos and explanations about a country, the reader eventually becomes bored, and moves onto something else.

Making Money in 2012
 Bottom line, to make money in my opinion, you need to write a guidebook of sorts, try to write something conclusive on one subject. For example, you could write an exhaustive story about one city, and this would be the reference.

In a way, a travelogue, that does not have city guides, is lost in a mess of confusion.
People need to be able to say to friends.
“’Go read what Andy said about Sosua, Dominican Republic.”

Then the person must be able to go to one page, read the who, when, where, why, what, how and how much of the travel destination. More or less a guide to that particular city, then the reader has something they want, and not just daily entertainment.

I have written over 6000 travel Blog post, in over 12 year, or missives, and because they are not indexed, packaged, their value is questionable.

The value comes in the indexing, the navigation for the long-term, the daily readership is a different story.

Work for either the daily readership, or work for the guidebook, but to do both is really difficult.

Thanks, a.k.a. Gadget or:

Andy Lee Graham

Travel Blogging for Money 2012 by Andy Lee Graham - How To Travel Blog.