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Recording Food Market Videos When the People do Not Want

It is easy with a little practice to take good videos of outdoors food markets without having all the people holler at you to stop recording.

Wed, 15 Dec 2010 22:50:01

The Problem:

If you hold a camera up to your face, or if you are looking at a screen pointing at the people you are going to be caught. A few people can become angry, and sometimes violent when they believe you are taking photos. It is not wise to ask, they will always say no, it is better to assume it is OK, to ask, and for sure you will have an argument.


I have learned to hold the camera in my hand and walk with it pointed straight ahead. Even though it is obviously pointed ahead, because I am not looking at the camera, I am just looking around, the people do not care.

Walk in a straight line, know your path before you start, it is a little difficult to walk while holding a camera level, but not looking at it. With practice you can learn, in the video below, I walked a little too fast, and I did not stall long enough at each food item.

Watch this video as an example, you will notice at the end, i was caught.

If you are caught, the easy way out is to give the person a dollar, I never do this, I just turn and walk away, never saying a word.

Recording Food Market Videos When the People do Not Want