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Sat, 22 Oct 2011 08:01:52

I am from the small Midwestern town of Orland, Indiana, however, because I have traveled the planet perpetually for almost 14 years, in a way, I am now something else. I have removed many small Americanism from my way of doing things, I want to be American, however I want to empathize and help non-Americans as I travel.


(This post is in the top level category, "How to Travel Blog," and if you want a Blog post read, the better the photo --- 60 percent of all communication is non-verbal. - The Photo has little to do with the post.)


I was in the country of Barbados one time in the Caribbean, and a German man asked me,
"Where are you from?"
I replied,
"United States of America."

He started to laugh, and said,
"99 percent of Americans say their State, like I sure would know, because they from the USA, they think everyone knows the USA, how silly."

I did not say,
"Fort Wayne."

I did not say, "The States,", and I did not say, "USA."

I am fluent in both French and Spanish, and this is highly unusual for a person from the USA, and I know that learning German is a waste of time, it is not a big language of travel. (German, Swiss, Austria.)

Because I am fluent in two language, I know what confuses me:

1. Why would a man from German know the letters of the alphabet?

2. Why would he know where Fort Wayne is?

3. Why would he know where Indiana is, it is not full of crazies like California?

4. Why would he know the abbreviation IN?

4. All countries have something like "States," what doe that mean?

If a person speaks even a small amount of English, they would normally know,
"United States of America."
If they speak slang or street English,

When a person ask me where I am from, I say,
"United States of America."

If they want to know more, I say,
"I am from the State of Indiana, in the north, close to Chicago."
Generally, most people know the HUGE cities of the USA, but not truly the states, unless from California, Florida or New York, the world is clueless to know the state of Indiana, and that is good, not an important state as things go. is taking a Spanking from the USA Culture

The Amount of money I am making was cut in HALF this year, and I am working full time to find out why.

Why? I believe Boogle thinks we are a site from AIDNI (Spelled back wards.)
(I can write all I want about the USA, because that is what Boogle thinks you are smart enough to read, I disagree.)

Why punished?
I have accessed B--oogles toolbox from outside the USA. This told Boggle that maybe the site from a bad country. My coder does is from a culture that the USA does not like, way too often, maybe everyday --- He is not from the USA.
Our site is defined is not being defined from the USA.

I am from the USA, but I must not travel.

Boogle, spelled with a G wants only USA websites to show great inside the USA, any site that is done from within the USA is defined as a USA web site.

2011 --- The Year G, or Boogle Spanked my Butt!

Blah, Blah, Blah, I am up to my F 3 ** K---G EARS with making websites for the Big G, the Internet God, my master, I am a slave. I can not write the word out of I am punished, I am censured by big G, if I say the name too many times.

Big G is Watching!

Long-term readers know I have a work from somewhere on the other side of the planet, but for sure he is not from the USA. I call him, Boy Genius from (X).

Did you know, I am punished for bad spelling, if not maybe grammar, if the article is too long, if the article is too short, if the thing loads to slow or even too fast. My editor of this site is the Boogle spelled with a G.


Aagh, we are going to create a VPN from inside the USA, and at great cost, and inconvenience we will work from a computer inside the USA, even though we are not. There is a whole list of activities that tells BLAH BLAH where I am at, and I must game that company 24/7, and it is nuts.

I am from the USA, I am an American citizen, I love my country, not sure I like American Tourists so much, and do not get me started on NGO's, liberals from California should run, but all in all, the folks in Indiana make me proud. And my parter Andrew makes me proud, he is A number 1, top-notch person.

Boggle has too many websites on the planet, they are doing everything their corporate greed can do to oust out websites and serve up only Boggle sites. Even since they went public, they have become money hungry, they are part of the reason those people are on Wall Street protesting.

Morally: I hate this

I have follow links, because to have not is game, I give my honest opinions because that is what I sell, to game boggle is just one step from hacking, I do not like to take one step toward non-transparency.

My Goal is to get 150 New Members per Day - Solution

I want to write and make Internet pages for real people, I want to write as an art, not as a way to get more traffic. The only way I know to escape from the Big G is to have all the traffic come from Members to the Hobo Travel Community. I believe when we have 150 members sign up per day, we can tell Big G goodbye and never worry again.

I never want to say the name of Boggle again, it is annoying to have some corporate idiots control how I write.

Thanks for listening to the rant.

Bottom line, if you are a Travel Blogger, get a VPN, or maybe and make sure you never admit you are traveling. Understand, the USA wants "Made in the USA," they do not want made in other, in way, the USA is having trouble competing, and they will punish the world for the USA problems.

Count the words above, you will see that I have said the word or acronym USA many times, this is to make the site USA centric. In a way, I have taken great stride to not be an ugly American, and in a way, Boogle wants me to be ugly.

Thanks Andy Graham in Orland, Indiana, appreciating my parents, family, and the country I love. This country gave me the ability to travel, and for that I will forever be grateful

Andrew my Coder is my friend, and will always be my friend, I appreciate that he has worked for me for years, and is a brilliant man from AIDNI.

Ugly Americans talk about the USA, like the world revolves around them, but to write this way is to be an Ugly American, to not have both side is anal.


Lose Money Travel Bogging by Leaving the USA