How to Travel Blog

Blog explaining how to Travel Blog by one of the Andy Graham from the USA, one largest Travel Bloggers on the planet, Top 10 National Geographic Adventure

My name is Andy Graham, I am from Orland, Indiana in the USA.

I have written over 6000 Travel Blog posts, I have learned a few lessons. The section of Hobo will devoted to explaining the art of Travel Bogging.

If you have a question, place in the comments below. Thanks Andy Graham

A Travel Blog Post Starts With a Photo

Many Travel Bloggers have trouble thinking what to write about, instead take a lot of photos and write about them, this is easier.

Finish What you Start Because Travel Life is Disorganized

Travel is full of unexpected problems, therefore you need to start, finish and publish your travel blog post in one setting, do not delay.

How to Travel Blog

Blog explaining how to Travel Blog by one of the Andy Graham from the USA, one largest Travel Bloggers on the planet, Top 10 National Geographic Adventure

I am Wondering Why Confusion Has Become an Acceptable Part of the Internet

Publishing a travel Blog has in many ways become a joke, the readers have stopped reading articles, they scan looking for reasons to leave.

Lose Money Travel Bogging by Leaving the USA

United States Citizens who are Travel Writers or Travel Bloggers can lose tons of money by accessing the wrong accounts while living abroad.

Rat Lab or Guinea Pig Writers Wanted to Help Me Debug the Hobo Article Writing System

I need volunteers to work with me to write articles to be published in the travel Blog system, a.k.a. Guest Writers.

Recording Food Market Videos When the People do Not Want

It is easy with a little practice to take good videos of outdoors food markets without having all the people holler at you to stop recording.

Time Sensitive Information - How To Travel Blog

Travel Blogging for Money 2012 by Andy Lee Graham - How To Travel Blog

Can you make money writing a travel Blog? Here are my ideas, here are my thoughts, not in any very organized way, but here they are...

What are the Most Popular Travel Blog Subjects

How To Travel Blog advice, What Are The Most Popular Travel Blog Subjects?

Write Neutral - How To Travel Blog

Write Neutral Travel Blog post and inspirational to attain large readership.

Writing for Stranded Travelers Needing Help

How to Travel Blog?

This page is written with the intent of teaching a person to travel and earn money as a ad hoc travel write. This is how I do this, Andy of, there are many ways to the same destinations, this is just one path. The best way to learn how to Blog is to copy the best, here is the Best Travel Blog

A blog is a log or web log of what you think, In travel this is called a travelogue or maybe a travel log, diary, journal etc.

Types of Travel Blog

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Bloggers who Travel


1. Bloggers who believe they are writing a guidebook.
2. Blogger who write updates for friends.
3. Category Travel Bloggers, who believe they will make all the possible topics of travel.
4. One country Travel Bloggers

Bloggers who do NOT Travel - The all travel, but not continuously


1. Gear Blogger who do not travel.
2. Travel Destination Bloggers, normally to sell tours.
3. Article Travel Bloggers, more or less fun reading.

Andy of has one of the famous Travel Blogs of the English speaking world. This page is devoted to teaching other travelers how to Travel and make money from a Travel Blog


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Blogging Photos or Word
Number One Problem With Photos

How to Blog Video
Videos Uploading make me Angry

Setting up Blog
There are two major systems used for Travel Blogs

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How to Travel Blog

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