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I am Wondering Why Confusion Has Become an Acceptable Part of the Internet

Publishing a travel Blog has in many ways become a joke, the readers have stopped reading articles, they scan looking for reasons to leave.

Sat, 18 Feb 2012 01:40:39


Warning: I have shame for writing on the Internet, please try to only be entertained here. In many ways, I feel 99.99 percent of the writers on the Intenet are 100 percent hacks, the have no desire to lead towards clarity, only to get you to buy something.

I believe a writer should try to lead readers towards clarity, understanding and simplicity. To point you towards the Internet is the opposite of this.

For example, I do research?

I cannot go to the library and check out books, I do not live in the USA because I am a perpetual traveler of the planet, 14 years and counting.

I am too poor to buy all the books I would need to do research on a topic.

I do not trust any site on the Internet.

I do trust enough to read that site regularly.

--- Please read the last sentence.

--- Please read the sentence before the last.

I do not trust the Internet for information, there is information on the Internet that is to be trusted. The Internet is just a place for people to play and to get non-essential information. It is not a place to get high quality information.

I have used the Internet now daily for 14 years, and I do not play on it. In many ways, I hate it, I do not want to get on the Internet and search. The amount of time it takes to find information has become more complicated. The only reason why it work for me at all is because I know many advance search methods.

For example:

If I want to search my own site, I type this into

(Subject of Search)

The says, only search on

Google has not made searching easier, and the reason is simple, they put all the advertising sites at the top, there is a never-ending temptation to read the advertising confusion.

I must accept that readers are happy to read advertising and playful Information.

I have written over 6000 travel Blog post, there is a lot of good information on my sites, but I admit, it is not possible to find the information, because it is not retrievable. I cannot even use Google search, because Google doe will NOT included all the pages on my site, the have stopped indexing the Internet, they are only do what is popular.

What is the solution for the writer?

I believe the solution is to write small 100 page books, one subject, one place to read, with the hope of keeping readers off the Internet. I believe that readers that read books are a better audience than readers.

I must accept that the amount of time it takes to do research is going to increase because of the ever-increasing number of 100 bullshit pages on the Internet. I am not without blame here, I used to believe that reader would contribute and help expand the knowlege, I have many started conversation, and not completed as holding points.

What is the solution for the reader?

I do not think there is a solution for 99 percent of readers, they are slaves to temptation, it is like telling them to lose weight, it is not going to happen. But for one percent, you can say to yourself.

Read articles, do not scan them, do not sit there ready to surf to another subject, try to give information a chance to of value, otherwise the whole body of information is just a course in speed reading and truly nothing.

Sitting there ready to search is the problem! It is not reading, that is why reading a book is better.

Second solution: Only read and never leave, maybe subsribe to e-mail delivered newsletter, and read the same author daily.


Andy Graham in Montellano, Dominican Republic


I am Wondering Why Confusion Has Become an Acceptable Part of the Internet.