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Rat Lab or Guinea Pig Writers Wanted to Help Me Debug the Hobo Article Writing System

I need volunteers to work with me to write articles to be published in the travel Blog system, a.k.a. Guest Writers.

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 04:36:04

Rat Lab Travel Writer

PYSCH 101 : Rat Lab for Travel Writers
I need some rats, a.k.a. wanna be travel writers, truly just about anyone who wants to write something of value for the world to read. Me and Andrew are working diligently on 100 Expatriate sites, and each one of these site allow normal or abnormal Psych rats to write articles.

They sign up, and become a member.

Click on "Write Articles."

Choose a category.

Make up a title to the article.

Click to start writing.

On and on, and then I moderate, approve, and the article works it way to the main page, then eventually is sent by e-mail to 6500 people and read by thousand with bookmarks and RSS feeds.

I need volunteers to talk with me on a few times, while I walk them through the process of writing something as a guest writer. Why? I need to make the system easier, I want to listen to the problems in communication and take notes. I will write down problem, convey them to Andrew the coder, with the goal of making the system more user friendly.

What is in it for the wanna be travel writer?

We can discuss all the elements of a good article, what is engaging, how to bring readers into your grasp. Why things like who, when, where, what, why and how much are interesting?

Generally you will get to learn from me, why people read my bad grammar, what about my style in my opinion works. And when the article is finished, it will go out to over 10,000 readers. This makes any link of yours, if you have a website get real time ranking signals from Google, it is tantamount to having an article stumbled, and 100 times better for rank than a tweet that nobody reads.

As readers all over the world randomly click on your links embedded in the article it tells the search engine that something of value is being read.

To volunteer you need to be a member of, or you can have a USA or England land line.

List of 100 Traveler Communities to write on:


Andy Graham


Rat Lab or Guinea Pig Writers Wanted to Help Me Debug the Hobo Article Writing System