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Finish What you Start Because Travel Life is Disorganized

Travel is full of unexpected problems, therefore you need to start, finish and publish your travel blog post in one setting, do not delay.

Fri, 11 Feb 2011 10:01:18

Many a Travel Blogger has good intentions,
"I will write this Blog post, then tomorrow I will go the Internet Cafe and publish."

The next they know, they decide to take a trip 10 hours away, the post is put on the back burner, the Travel Blogger feels guilty. This happens daily, nothing is ever finished, and one day, they just stop writing.

Travel Blog post are started by Photos, when you know the photos on your computer, then you can start to write. However, be careful, is the Internet cafe open, if it is midnight, you may not be able to finish the post and publish.

The USB Wireless Modem Internet Access is the solution to Internet and is not in 2011 going to available anywhere on the planet.

--- I wrote this in Ho, Ghana February, 2010 from a Tethered BlackBerry, but I also have a MTN USB Modem and a Vodafone Wireless Modem.

Finish What you Start Because Travel Life is Disorganized