How to Travel Blog as encountered and explained by a world traveler.

How to Travel Blog

How to Travel Blog as encountered and explained by a world traveler.

This page is written with the intent of teaching a person to travel and earn money as a ad hoc travel write. This is how I do this, Andy of, there are many ways to the same destinations, this is just one path. The best way to learn how to Blog is to copy the best, here is the Best Travel Blog

A blog is a log or web log of what you think, In travel this is called a travelogue or maybe a travel log, diary, journal etc.
How to Travel Blog

Types of Travel Blog

Blogger who Travel

1. Bloggers who believe they are writing a guidebook.
2. Blogger who write updates for friends.
3. Category Travel Bloggers, who believe they will make all the possible topics of travel.
4. One country Travel Bloggers

Blogger who do NOT Travel - The all travel, but not continuously

1. Gear Blogger who do not travel.
2. Travel Destination Bloggers, normally to sell tours.
3. Article Travel Bloggers, more or less fun reading.

Andy of has one of the famous Travel Blogs of the English speaking world. This page is devoted to teaching other travelers how to Travel and make money from a Travel Blog


Reader Comments on Blog

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Blogging Photos or Word
Number One Problem With Photos

How to Blog Video
Videos Uploading make me Angry

Setting up Blog
There are two major systems used for Travel Blogs



- Write about something everyone has a little knowledge of, no point in talking about isolated ideas.
- Do not comment on Saturday or Sunday
- Ask a questions
- Allow a couple trolls, the loyals will defend
- look and be stupid
- Add 1 controversial zinger at the in the beginning opening statement that will make the person.
- Controversial hard line comments
- go to popular places
- The blog should have a beginning, middle and NO end, this way some readers feel obligated to draw all the conclusions.
- Write as an expert, from a tone of knowing everything on the subject, this way there will be people who will try to prove you wrong.
- Draw Conclusions which are indictement of people.
- Reply to emails sent
- Insert an email and send the link to friends
- Allow Anonymous
- Have the Comment box on the page, not on next
- Moderate Quickly
- make the first comment
- Write comments and tell people how smart they are
- Write directly to the person, say their name.
- Include Quotes of a another comment.
- Say the name of the person, do not comment general
- Pretend to love your audience
- Pretend to love every country
- Criticize about things everyone else is already criticizing or complaining about.
- Add photos
- Add food
- Add stats and guide like information so you get the thank you from people for giving them facts they can get about anywhere.
- Link out, they will return to your blog and comment
- comment on other blogs
- Write your friends on specific post and ask the to post
- Get on other blogs of similar subject and post back, or link back to your post.
- Write Friends that Tip often personal emails
- Put you link to blog in Facebook
- Moderate Quickly so he readers can see them.
- Make the Number of Days longer
- Only one post per day. MOST IMPORTANT
- Invite Comments
- Be Open Ended
- Set Boundaries
- Be humble
- Be gracious
- Reward’ Comments
- Make it Easy to Comment

Thanks from Andy of Travel Journal