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Checklist of 50 Things to Do to Prepared House For Vacation Winterize.

Winterize House - we can lower the thermostat, or we can shut the water, electricity, gas, and winterize the house for freezing weather.

Sat, 29 Dec 2018 13:51:23

Winterize House

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There are two choices.

1. Shut house completely off, turning off water, draining pipe, and stopping all electricity, water, and gas to the house.

2. Turn the thermostat down, but do not allow house to freeze.

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Checklist for Winterized House

1. Adjust your thermostat.

2. Shut off the water at the main shut off valve in your house.

3. Turn off your gas

4. Bundle the house up tight!

5. Unplug everything.

6. Tell your neighbors.

7. Stop the mail.

8. Check your sump pump.

9. Close the damper or flue on your fireplace.

10. Double check your gutters.

11. Take any live plants you have with you.

12. Clean out your fridge and pantry of all perishable items.

13. Put any non-perishable food in air-tight containers.

14. Clean thoroughly before you leave.

15. Arm your security alarm.

16. Washing Machine can freeze, so needs drained, prepared.

17. We can shut water off at street.

18. Drywall can cracks, and bulge when frozen.

18. Open all faucets in house.

19. Do not shut off water at street for multi-family houses. Duplex, etc.

20. Put antifreeze in traps of drains in home.

21. Use air pressure to blow out all pipes of water that could freeze.

22. Electricity shut off at breaker box.

23. If you have a septic tank, you need to use RV Antifreeze for drain traps, to not kill the septic tank.

24. Wells, water wells with pump need drained.

25. Remove aerators from faucet, this is screen on end of faucet.

26. It would be prudent to hire a plumber to help, or install drainage faucets on water lines in strategic locations.

27. Radiator Heating will require special work, hiring a plumber, and heating man would be good idea.

28. Clean out fridge.

29. Remove all canned goods from cupboards.

30. Dishwasher needs winterized.

31. Take plants to a friends.

32. Arrange for pet care.

33. Take out the garbage, things inside garbage can mold.

34. Check windows are closed.

35. Become friends with neighbors, so they watch home.

36. Set lamps on timers.

37. Closed curtains on all windows allows people to know the house is vacant.

38. Maybe give a key to neighbor.

39. Set webcam for home, remote controlled.

33. Turn off Internet if possible.

34. Lock all windows.

35. Trim all bushes down so they don't overgrow while gone.

36. Turn off phones in house, so they don't ring, a criminal will call the house to see if you are there.

37. Talk to local police to tell them the house is vacant.

38. Arrange for mowing of lawn when away.

39. Don't announce your trip on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

40. Stop cleaning person.

41. Leave dishwasher door open.

42. Leave door open of fridge.

43. Sump pumps.

44. The air conditioning needs addressed.

45. Get a house sitter.

46. Stop newspaper.

48. Park car in garage, but maybe had neighbor park their car in your drive.

49. Double check all the doors are locked when leaving.

50. Please add number 50 in the comments, thanks, life is good. Andy Lee Graham


51 Do not turn off dehumidifier 

52 Unplug overhead garage door and remove emergency door rope