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Tuck Me Into Bed

What is the feeling you want from a hotel, what is this home away from home stuff? Hotel could tuck me into bed, and make me feel comfortable.

Mon, 9 Dec 2013 18:56:19

The more hotels I live in, the more I am positive, the last thing hotels wants to be in is the hospitality business. They are in the privacy business, they wish to give me privacy, and stay away from guests.

Tuck me into Bed

As best I can estimate, I have live in over 1000 hotels, this is what happens when you travel the world perpetually for 15 years, you sleep in many hotels, you learn what you like, and you learn what you don't like. And, generally few hotels are like home, they would get angry if I suggested they tuck me into bed. It worries me, I sense that most people come from some really bad homes, and give to people, the same as they was given.

How does 99 percent of hotels make me feel?

They say to me with their actions, 
"Andy, we want you to be happy, so here is your room, we will give you privacy, call us if you need something."

And, as a good person, it make me feel sad to call them. Please give me two towels, few hotels are generous of spirit, as if there is a burden needing more than one towel.

What is said, "Don't bother me, and I won't bother you."

Is this New York City? Paris? London? No, it is a hotel?

And privacy is the number one need of a hotel. I do not want to live with the other people in the hotel. Privacy means it is impossible to hear the hotel bar, restaurant, or other noises in the night, and one of these days, that is going to happen, but that is an very expensive thing to create in a hotel, real sound proofed rooms.

Mom tucked me into bed, and she made sure I had extra blankets, extra pillows, and made sure that any unexpected problems could be solved in the night. Like that night light, that was to make sure I did not fall in the night, when walking to the restroom.

I will rent a room in my apartment here in Kara, Togo West Africa.

I have rented an apartment in Kara, Togo by the year, and I do not plan to live there all the time, at most, maybe 4 months per year. And, it has an extra bedroom, it can be rented to visitors. And, here I am, a person who has lived in over 1000 hotels, and my empathy button goes off the charts. I plan to rent the apartment, or extra rooms to friends.

So, I have purchased two fans, one to blow out the window, and another to blow towards people sleeping in the bed. People think about AC, but any home that needs AC is often a problem home. No trees, no shade, badly designed, allows to much sun to beat down on it, my apartment is cool, does not need AC, but does need fans.

So, I am having a special bed made, that is high enough, for big, or handicapped people to get in and out of easy. They make the bed in West Africa almost on the floor, my mother and father would never be able to get in and out of the bed. Plus, it will be high enough to put the luggage underneath. The room is huge, but that does not mean that extra storage space is not needed. Under the bed storage is needed in small hotels, and only about 10 percent even care to think about storage.

Then, there is the towels, I purchased four huge, beach size towels. Why? It is hot here, we can take up to 3 showers per day, if we wish, and there is always a need to have towels. Hmm, maybe I need three more, a good seven towels.

Hangers, I have purchased 30, and they person only needs 10-20, but I know they disappear, so there needs to be extra in the inventory.

I will stop here, but this is what Mom does, she makes sure there are extras, that no problem, becomes a big problem, it is all about tucking me in properly, because she cares.

Tuck me into Bed

Will hotels every stop worrying about people using too many towels, too much toilet paper, or too much electricity? Will they ever get with the program, and know that mom would tuck me into bed, and make sure there was nothing lacking, that all the love she could muster was there for me.

Yes, I know, the hotel is not going to tuck me into bed, but all the extras they fail to give me, makes me need to rent apartments.

This 70 dollar a month apartment could make me 300 dollars per month in extra money. The problem is this, many people did not have a mother that tucked them into bed, or gave them extra sheets. This makes people need the sterile, never talk with me hotels, and that is not a person I want to share an apartment with, these sterile people are real problems.

All is good, and after 1000 hotels, I remember the hotels that gave me the tuck me into bed feelings. And, I can count them on one hand.

What a hotel needs to give to be wildly prosperous, is free to give, cost nothing, does not require a money investment.

When you walk into your next hotel, ask yourself,
"Do you want that person to tuck you into bed?"


Andy Lee Graham in Natitingou, Benin 

Tuck Me Into Bed