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Hotels Have Sick Building Syndrome

Do you feel weak, tired, unhealthy after living in a hotel room? The hotel may be suffering from sick building syndrome. Hotel living can be unhealthy

Mon, 4 Nov 2013 19:17:05

Have you ever lived in a hotel, then upon returning home felt 10 times better? Yet you could not explain why. The hotel was super clean, the staff was friendly, and the hotel reviews all said it was one of the best hotels – five stars in every way – except for one nagging problem ... You do not feel well.

Sick Building Syndrome

The hotel is sick.

Humans can be sick, and so can buildings. There are homes, office buildings, hotels and motels that leave us feeling unhealthy, tired, and physically and emotionally weak.

What are the signs of a sick hotel?

1. No windows – or when you look out the window, you do not see trees, water or nature; you see something manmade.

2. Air conditioning needed – You have no choice, and the room would be intolerable without it.

3. Dust on floor – This means there are pollutants in the air.

4. Noise – When you can hear noise, normally that means cars are close, and the fumes of cars can enter the room.

5. Mold, fungus, or water stains – This means there is not enough natural air circulation.

6. Questionable bedding – You do not want to remove the pillow cases or sheets for fear of what you will find.

We can breathe air!

Take a deep breath. Can you breathe? Buildings with sick building syndrome all appear to have the same problem: The humans inside cannot breathe. No, they are not dying, but they are not thriving.

Do you feel great in your hotel? 

If the answer is no, then move. We travel to feel great. One great benefit of travel is the ability to move to place that allows us to feel better.

Hotels Have Sick Building Syndrome