Hostel Improvements

Hostel Improvements To Do? A list of recommended improvements to make to your Hostel, by Andy Lee Graham a world traveler for over 20 years, and visited over 100 countries.

1. Door to dorm room need to have door adjusted, remove the lock, so it does not make noise when entering, or leaving.

2. Lockers outside the dorm room, so the rooms is quiet for sleeping.

3. Map of city on the wall in common area with all questions answered. When a person ask a question, where? You put a marker on the map, so you can just point. This help people who do not speak the language of the visitor, they can just point.

4.? Electrical plug for every bed

5. Curtains

6. Leave the lights on in shower.

Sat, 20 Jul 2019 22:30:25

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