Merry Christmas As I Am Jealous Of Muslim Friends 2013

Merry Christmas As I Am Jealous Of Muslim Friends 2013 - Holidays Celebrated Worldwide

Merry Christmas, as I am Jealous of Muslim Friends 2013

I am in Kara, Togo West Africa, and my Muslim friends encourage me to celebrate Christmas, this is good fun. Christian holidays dominate the planet, and the Muslim people enjoy, and join in the celebration. More or less, everyone likes a holiday, it is a good excuse to not work.

Asanai, Le Probleme

I have Muslim girls who are friends; we became friends because of my fascination for their Brother knitting machines. Daily, I go the open air market in the center of the village, then walk down the hill to where the girls work in an open-air business environment, I guess I am saying, they just have a big table under a stoop to stop the rain.

Laria Muslim Friend

I will sit at their business on a wood bench; drink a “Citron,” an African version of lemonade. One bag cost 50 CFA or 10 cents USD, 50 percent of the products here are 1960 USA prices; and unfortunately I can remember when a bag of potato chips was 5 cents, and gas cost 25 cents per gallon.

Asanai, normally called “Asanai le probleme,” by, and only me.)

Le Chef the Boss

There is a fourth girl, the boss, but I am not sure of her name, really there are many, but it truly is confusing.

So, what do the girls do was I sit down on Christmas day, they ask if I brought their “Cadeau,” the French word for gift. And, I say “a demain,” tomorrow in French.

Christmas is about hope, and even though there will be no gift tomorrow, we all want to believe in hope. Whether Christian, Muslim or even the aetheist.

We all hope we are right, and we need to live it one day at time, enjoying our one-day renewable happiness.

Merry Christmas, and please don’t take yourself too seriously. Today is the day after Christmas, and I thought by sending a day late, I could avoid the Christmas rush.

Why am I jealous of the Muslim girls?
They do not need to work on both Muslim, and Christian holidays, and get to take of Friday, and Sunday. Really praying five times per day is five coffee breaks, not a bad life.

Why is Asanai called the problem? Because she is so beautiful she will for sure cause problems.

Merry Christmas
Andy Lee Graham in Kara, Togo West Africa 2013

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