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Hobos We Are Grateful, Thanksgiving 2018

Life is good, we Hobos can be grateful for living the good life, to be able to slow down our world to dream, then put our dreams into actions.

Ruby the Rivetor


Happy Thanksgiving 2018.

Please dream, then tell a bunch of Hobos your dreams...

Then stop, and ponder on this:

Members only tell Hobos about dreams that are possible. I am 100 percent sure when we share dreams with friends, the mere fact they posted the dream means they have they have the ability to make the dream come true.

You ask yourself,
"Can I do it?"

The answer is always yes. Why yes?
"Because members only tell Hobos dreams that are possible."

Share your dreams today.

Thank you, your friend,
Andy Lee Graham
Orland, Indiana
November 22, 2018



Happy Thanksgiving, here is a written blog post about how to make dreams come true?


Gratitude is an amazing life tool !
Grateful Hobos are less stressed.
It’s hard to be stressed and grateful at the same time.Happy Thanksgiving
Tom and Paula


I think at age 63, I have finally accepted that complaining, and negative comments are of little value in a conversation with friends. I am grateful, I was born under a lucky star. I am also grateful to know today, how to keep the negative, complainers out of my life. When I see another person attacking someone, I think, I do hope they are attacking an enemy, not a friend. Not all people are friends, and need shown the door, but I am grateful to be around friends that respect each other enough to choose their words with care. Life is good, your friend, Andy Lee Graham


Nelson Henry here. I am Grateful for wonderful family and friends and being able to visit. My dream is to visit Andy and mom and enjoy some porch time and some of mom's coffee. Then to find a way to be a hobo and enjoy extended stays near lago Atitlan and other less bloated places without offending or short changing those family members who are strapped to the rat race ways that America offers in such a needy way. Not to complain though. I just need to reflect ponder and plan. Unfortunately I am somewhat beholden to making a rent payment to help a household of 5. 4 of whom subscribe to that weird, needy American plan. I am a bit out of that culture as I have retired from practicing dentistry and the American plan. I do not make much but I do own a couple of properties in Maine that sometimes help pay the rent in Utah.


Gratitude, to be thankful is magic, when we are grateful we believe the best will happen in the future, and worrying is of little value. To make the magic work, we only need to say, "I am grateful." And, I am aware that saying this, or I forgive someone is often a task, but spit it out.. Life is good. Your friend, Andy


Im grateful j found hobo sight i was watching andy on youtube last nt, i like his info and honesty on traveling, I'd love to join you in lake aittlan in Jan. But iv already made plans to go to cali colombia w my wifes family then ecuador.


Eddie, and nothing make me more grateful than a grateful member of Hobo Traveler, one of the most delightful things to read, or watch is one Hobo helping another Hobo, this is the way the world should be.

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