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Bing Crosby Dreaming of White Christmas in Africa

This is Andy Graham, I am in Africa 2012, dreaming of a White Christmas.

Mon, 24 Dec 2012 00:13:35

Bing Crosby Dreaming of White Christmas in Africa

Life is good in Africa, but I am still dreaming of a white Christmas, it would be great to see my footprints in freshly fallen snow. Well, at least for one day, I truly was born under a lucky star. I will be grateful today, I was born in Orland, Indiana in the United States, this is a small midwestern farm community. This wonderful, white Christmas, down on the farm, hometown, football, and cheerleaer culture, where everyone had a dog, and invented me, Andy.

But, what did it make?

I think a life of trust in my fellow man,
made me “Quick to smile.”

White Christmas

In many ways, I never met anyone that was not my friend, it is my Andy style, it is me, I like to say,
Indiana down on the farm style, and turn on the charm, charisma, tune up my personality, and take the world by storm. I look that special person in the large crow of people, the one making eye contact. There is always one person in the business of lending smiles to others, and wants say hello. I say hello, he or she says hello, and we can be quick to smile together.

What a great goal in life, we all should strive to be quick to smile, and make people smile against their will.

I am in Africa, it is about the same as the USA, people are walking around with a cell phones in front of them, and it is pedestrian bumper cars, the same as any street or mall in the USA. This is growing, I hope they surgecally insert them soon, so it is safe to walk again.

Africa is full of children, it is at best a story of children, throwing their candy wrappers anywhere, and everywhere. Adults are strict; they paint by number, always staying inside the lines, while children life freestyle, living life with a broad strokes of color, without a care about the boundary lines.

There is no way the African culture is going to make a nuclear bomb; nothing could ever be that serious. I am in Africa, I went out of bounds, outside the safe zone, I left the resort. But, I take with me, the trust of a white Christmas given to my by my Mother and Father, and small town Indiana.

I can walk the planet because I am from Orland, Indiana. Many of you moved to the big city to seek your fame and fortune, only to find it was all fools gold, and lost the plot. Dreaming of a white Christmas is a good thing. It is not corny, unsophisticated, it is what makes life worth living, to capture every child memory in a bottle.

I came to Africa to be saved from the “White People” culture that invented the nuclear bomb, and house mortgages.

Make eye contact today, try to tweak a smile out of the scrooges in your life, and see if you can tempt a person to put down the cell phone long enough to play in the snow.

If you want to truly play havoc with them big city mind sets, do this, buy a bag of donuts, walk down the street without a care in the world munching on the donuts. When you catch the eye of another person, say,
“you want a donut?”

Trust me, not many a scrooge can withstand that form of smile warfare.

Thank you,
Andy Graham in Africa, December 2012

White Christmas in Africa