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About Heidi Liestøl Undheim. A Member of the Hobo Travel Forum.

I am a 42 year old Norwegian woman currently living in Hamburg (Germany) with my husband. After travelling all my life, starting out with moving to South-Africa as a 6 months old todler, I have now been around the world five times, three as a backpacker and two on a tanker as the Captains wife. Not a bad deal and a very interesting way of viewing the world. Like looking at it from the outside in. All in all I have so far visited/stopped by 90 countries/territories/Islands. My passion with traveling is to see new places, meet new people, smell new smells-even though many foul and disgusting, try new food wondering what it could be and paying it all with smelly and sticky currency that I in the beginning had no idea the value of to people who didn't understand a word I was saying. The struggling with the heavy backpack, the overnight bus- and train rides to get to new places that I had only read about in Lonely Planet, but would travel so far and long just to get a glimpse of. How many hours, days, months and years, and money I have spent on this 42 year ride, I have no idea. But it has been worth it and made me who I am today. Definitely not an average person in this stereotype world. I will say it again - the world is my playground and I am having fun. Also thanks to Andy whom I met the first time in Rio in 1999. Then some years later in Koh Tao, Thailand and Tarifa, Spain. You are an interesting man...