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Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel, Avenida Hermanos Ayar, Machu Picchu, Peru

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Wedding Photos ..

Wedding ceremony concludes, reception begins. 6 ho ..

Isla Mujeres, Mexico Neighborhood Walk with specia ..

I'm glad I dont fit on those insane chicken b ..

Ed and I did a interview while on our work trip to ..

Happy Valentines day Hobos! ..

When new car models are released in Mexico... ..

Medellin alarm clock. Cost of entertainment: $0. ..

New room tour, arrived today at Hotel Laureles Lof ..

A house tour of our rental home in the walled City ..

Christmas Parade yesterday, Panama City Beach, FL. ..

Just a thought experiment for everyone on this vid ..

Andy, you are lucky to have grown up where you did ..

Hoise tour of the 3rd house we have had in Progres ..

Anyone have any experience with Estonian e-residen ..

I posted your video here to comment Andy. Seems li ..

Thoughts on the Eclipse Streaming footage of the ..

Had the house entertainment play our song. 50 peso ..

Gigi is getting some beachfront RNR in Cancun betw ..

As a comparison, here is a video I just shot from ..

Here's the video tour Gigi made for our friend of ..

Outside our new Progreso house. ..

My Friday night movie was 'The Lost City of Z', I ..

My neighbor adopted 2 street dogs and a street cat ..

We were on our daily beach walk into town to find ..

Alrighty fellow hobos, after 3.5 solid days of wor ..

I made a quick follow up to the 'Custom Sandals' v ..

Brilliant adaptation of a scooter and a cart to ma ..

I made a video of the National Biker Concentration ..

I am calling this one 'Hobo Hot Salsa' It is a com ..

Sunday breakfast in Progreso with some table-side ..

Went to Merida on this Cinco de Mayo for the fitti ..

A fellow hobo, Wade Shepard has been doing great a ..

Andy, regarding your latest video on the flag tour ..

Made a video of our walk we took today around the ..

Just a normal Friday in Progreso, Mexico I decide ..

Back on 9/25/2016 we stayed at the Hotel Convento ..

A short walk around La Hacienda d CoCoYoC. I recor ..

Neighborhood Walk: Zaachila, Mexico. Part 1 of 6 ..

Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan ..

Monte Albán above Oaxaca Mexico ..

Tepoztlan Mexico neighborhood walk. ..

Oaxaca Meat Market, part of the neighborhood walk ..

Oaxaca Neighborhood Walk. Filmed on 4/1/2017. Was ..

Now that I am back to my laptop I am working on up ..

Finally uploaded the neighborhood walk around the ..

Thanks to Hobo Marco's recommendation, Gigi and I ..

Gigi and I decided to share this as we both fall i ..

Couldn't resist one more post... ordered online, d ..

Hotel and Neighborhood tour, it's short as we foun ..

Lunch entertainment in Progreso, Mexico ..

Tour of our new AirBnb in Chelem, Mexico. $700/Mo ..

Thanksgiving morning walk at Lake Keowee, SC (for ..

Nuestra Señora del Agua Santa Festival, Baños, E ..

Nuestra Señora del Agua Santa Festival, Baños, E ..

Video tour of our AirBnb on Late Atitlan in San An ..

After our long walk to dinner, we returned to our ..

Our morning walk to the breakfast place in Antigua ..

Volcan Fuego erupts as we drive Into Antigua. ..

Breakfast entertainment, Argentinian Busker playin ..

Last bit of travel goodness for the day. (excuse a ..

Time lapse of Lake Atitlan, shot from our dining r ..

Time lapse of Volcano from Bella Vista Coffee Terr ..

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