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Economic Refugees are Called Hobos

The definition of an "Economic Refugee" is a nice way of saying Hobo, a Hobo traveled to another location in search of work.

Thu, 19 Jul 2012 04:04:42


Economic Refugees Defined:

A person seeking refugee status in another country for purely economic reasons.  

Investopedia Says:  An example of an economic refugee would be a computer programmer who makes next to nothing in his/her home country and immigrates to another country in order to collect a substantially higher wage. Such a person may also be referred to as an "economic migrant."

I am thinking, they are truly Hobos:

A Hobo is a person that travels to work, (To leave economic hardship.)
A tramp is a person that travels and won't work.
A bum is a person that will neither travel or work


Andy Graham explains Economic Refugee.