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History Of Mexico - History

Phil called me, and said he appreciated watching Part 1 of the History of Mexico therefore, here the YouTube Videos Part 1, 2, 3, 4 in an easy to find manner. YouTube continually channels people towards confusion, and temptations, to make money, not help.

History of Mexico

This is a super important topic, if you are thinking of emigrating, or have already emigrated to Mexico, by learning the history, we can understand, and empathize with our new country.

Part 1 - History Channel - History or Mexico

Part 2 - History Channel - History or Mexico

Part 3 - History Channel - History or Mexico

Part 4 - History Channel - History or Mexico

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

Posted this from Odessa, Ukraine, in the Smart Hostel July 25, 2018, as a world traveler, 20 years abroad, and 111 countries, and growing.


This is a great documentary. I really liked it. Mexican history is little known in the US and probably not do much in Mexico either!


Hello, the history of Mexico has an impact on the USA. Yet, what is fun, to learn how many leaders of Mexico were taken out back and shot. Santa Ana is special leader, shows how leaders can be bad, but good at same time.

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