Heroes And Heroines

Heroes And Heroines

Batman Is My Choice For Hero - Heroes And Heroines

A few years ago, a farmer said to me, “There Is No Way To Make You Mad.” I replied, “No.” I keep asking myself, why do I never get angry maybe it has to do with Batman, one of my first heroes.

Heroes And Heroines

Heroes And Heroines

Heroes, Aspire To Inspire - Heroes And Heroines

There are people, who the more you know them, the more you like them. My Hero was Emery Spade, nicknamed Buster Spade. I worked as a farmhand for him for 12 summers of my life. My father also worked for him.

My Quest To Find Heroes, Then Pass Them - Heroes And Heroines

My hero in life is Emery C. Spade, his nickname is Buster Spade. It was very difficult to type that into this computer. I paused for a good 10-20 seconds. Wow, I want to type. “The hero of my life is me.” My favorite quote by Charles Dickens caused me to pause.

Who’s Your Hero, or Heroine? Mine is Top Gun

I watch 2-3 films per day. I love the edge of the seat, the crashing of my emotions, when the heroes and heroines save the day, fall in love, and everything in the world is good, then life is good.

Fri, 27 May 2022 05:20:06

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