I sit in concrete rooms on the other side of the planet and say to myself,
"This has already been invented and sold.... ? But Where?
These are things I would buy if the price was right. I am thinking that I shall find the really
great travel gear and make available for my friends to buy.

My want list.



Field Service Kits: Voltage Indicator & Receptacle Analyzer


This is a pretty cool or sturdy fastener. Francis purchased it in an Army Supply store in Russia that sells American Army Equipment.

11. CLEANING - I want to know what is the best way to disinfect using COLD water. What active chemicals in cleaners will do this? I wish to be able to tell a person how to clean a toilet to more or less sterilized level.

I can normally purchase:
1. Chlorine products for bleaching clothes similar to "Clorox."
2. There are cleaning soaps, but the ingredients may not kill bacteria's.
3. Wood alcohol or Sugar cane alcohol is available.
4. Hydrogen peroxide is available.
5. I can go to the pharmacy and buy about anything that is in the USA. The problem is to know what ingredients or chemicals are necessary to sterilize.
ADDED TO LIST: December 24, 2003

10. Rechargeable Torch or Flashlight.
I would like to buy a 220 and 110 rechargeable flashlight. It could be used for both a spot type flashlight and for a reading light.  I purchase one in India here and will put on page soon.

I found a 220 one made in China or maybe Japan in India. Cost was 90 Rupees or about 2 Dollars U.S.

BRAND NAMES - 1. US ARMY 2. SF Stardust - Japan

Look up company  that makes LIGHTS

I filled out a form to contact them, but I do not think it went through. The English page seems to be on the very weak side and not maintained.
fqwx6229   AT
ADDED TO LIST: December 6, 2003

9. Waterproof Computer Bag?
I would like a durable but lightweight rubber or plastic bag to put my computer inside. I worry constantly about rain. There are times when the bus driver forced me to put my small backpack on the top or under the bus for storage. These are always in the worst locations, and on top it could rain, or below the bus.... They drive through lakes with buses and fill up the bottom flooding the whole compartment.
ADDED TO LIST: December 5, 2003

I believe I saw one in Walmart

8. Wholesale purchase of locks? So.. I can sell.
  or / and

I want to sell long shank or the long bicycle type locks. This combination lock is good. It works with both a key and a combination. I would love to find a long bicycle like lock with that has both a key and a ability to open with a key. Note that the diameter of a combination lock is normally a too big for a lot of hasp, plus there is no light to open a combination lock. But it would be nice to have the option if the key was lost, or sharing the room.
ADDED TO LIST: December 1, 2003

7. Wholesale purchase of coffee cookers? I can sell on catalog page.
I want to sell this item on my webpage. I would like a 220 because it will work in a 110 also, but cook slower.

Made in China. I bought it in La Paz, Bolivia. It is an excellent cooker. Works in both 220 and 110 and has a plastic shroud around the heater so it does not react to steal cups. It is FOR 220, and why it works also in 110. The type of plug is not important.
ADDED TO LIST: November 29, 2003

6. Military Sleeping Bag that has layers:
One of my friends that is in the military told me about a sleeping bag that has different layers. You can use the various layers as you wish. If in a hot place you have the light duty, but in a cold place you have all the layers. I would like to know where to buy?
ADDED TO LIST: November 22, 2003

Possible solutions for 6. Military Sleeping Bag that has layers:
Dear Andy,
The army makes these really neat sleeping bag covers.
These are semi-waterproof and can be used to sleep
inside or on the ground. You can buy liners for some types
of these or put in a light sleeping bag. I bought mine at
a store so try,

From hmmm? Anonymous except for email.

5. Clothes hanger that folds down to straight.
I want to buy clothes hangers that fold straight. I want to be able to put 5 in a space about the size of a stake bag for a tent. The stakes you pound into the ground. I want to carry about 3 or 4 with me so I can hang up shirts.
ADDED TO LIST: November 21, 2003

4. Concrete Fastener:
Fastener to concrete walls that is easy to install. I need a way to connect things to concrete walls in my room. I only can carry easily pliers and a screw driver. A hammer, drill and such are not available. Rocks to pound are. I want to install or have a place to hook a clothes line or to hang my backpack organizer.
ADDED TO LIST: November 1, 2003

-Concrete Fasteners:

Mr. Andy -

On your web site you have "Help Andy Want List".
I can offer some suggestions:

4. Concrete Fastener:
Fastener to concrete walls that is easy to install.

Suggestion #1: Gaffer's Tape.
Benefit: Like duct tape, with stronger adhesive.
Used in movie industry to attach anything to anything.
Benefit/problem: Will hold heavy loads forever -
EXCEPT if surface wet or hot!
So at beach - damp and hot - be cautious please.
Do not suspend coconut over head of your bed.
Problem: Full roll heavy - I peel off 20-30 feet and
wrap around a flat piece of cardboard - size of credit card.
To buy Gaffer's tape, here is one source in USA:

David W.
November 21, 2003

dear andy
enjoyed the fungus tip on ants. i happened to be watching a program on new
items for home use and there is now a velcro called, i think, power velcro.
it is very strong and it will stick to anything. they actually hung a cinder
block from a wall and it stayed put. so if it sticks to cinderblock, i
believe it will stick to concrete. it is probably sold in hardware stores
like home depot. blessings ciao. tehuana
November 11, 2003

3. Hammock that is also a tent:
I saw one in Costa Rica and in Thailand, but would like to be able to buy online. With this type of  hammock you can sleep in the hammock and be inside the tent an safe from rain water and the mosquitoes.
ADDED TO LIST: October 10, 2003

I (Andy) located a one called the Clark Jungle Hammock
Review by - Seems like more of a commercial than a review.
- Note there is something called the Siamese Tent / Hammock I seen in Pai, Thailand.

Possible solution for 3. Hammock that is also a tent:
You can get a hammock / mosquito net from

From hmmm? Anonymous except for email.

2. Backpack Repair Kit:
A kit of needle, thread, and all the devices to repair my backpack.
ADDED TO LIST: October 10, 2003

1. Electric Room Heater:
I want to heat my room. The problem is that I carry a backpack. It is not big and I can only carry something small. But there must be a little heater. It has to be about the same size as book. It would really need to run off 220 and 110, although I could probably find and adapter to use both. It needs to have a fan. I have a hotplate, and I can turn it on and it will heat a room. It will radiate until the room is warm. But if it had a fan underneath it, I could use it to both heat and cook.
ADDED TO LIST: October 10, 2003

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