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Why Readers Get Banned From Making Comments - Help

This is an explanation on why some readers get banned from making comments on the Blog.

We allow readers to make comments below articles, photos, videos and in other locations. A few people making comments get banned, this video explains why, and a little insight into comments.

I look at the readers like part of my family, if I would not associate with you in real life, then why would I allow you to comment on my life.



Hello Andy,
I agree with your banning certain users but I would hope you can take critisism at times even when it's not necessarily
constructive. Of course only if it's written in a logical, mannerly style.
I would not expect you or anyone to sit back and read vulgar, profane garbage.



Thank you Bill,
I want everyone to have an enjoyable life, and this includes me. I just do not see why a person that takes the time to write an article, should need to sit around worried that readers are going to make caustic, and clever insults.

We want regular readers to write articles, why? Because I know that everyone on the planet has something good to say. Yet, how do I protect aspiring writers, aspiring travelers, or aspiring youth from the onslaught of misguided individuals that believe they have the right to cause havoc in the comments area.

Writing an article is the way to make some big social point, if you want to passionately, logically, energetically write a clean piece of work explaining something, than every member of this site can do so, providing it is respectful to other members.

I dream of one day reading all the comments knowing that all of them are respectful, and the members who write with disrespect are not allowed, they are excluded.

I just do not want to be part of any organization that allows the crazies on the Internet to thrive. I use, but I gave up, I cannot allow comments on the page.

The reason to have comments is not so readers can criticize.

What is amazing to me is readers that read my writing, then one to say I am in idiot. It is my opinion, that if I read, loan my attention, give credence to any idiot, then I am at the same level as them.

Thank you,
Andy Graham in Bangkok, on the way to Africa.

Phil J

Great post Andy. I think you really batted it out of the park. I enjoy reading your posts because they are all about travel and living abroad.
I love travel and really enjoy reading about travel and new places. I enjoy a good cup of tea and reading your posts.


In a way, I love to ban people, it is the dream of knowing I never have to listen to sneaky , disrespectful people again, it is the hope of a clear day. If I have to think too much about your comment there is a problem.

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