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Verified members of Hobo can start, edit, proof, add to, modify, add photos. Request "Super Powers" status from Andy, write hoboontheroad AT yahoo.c

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Verified Members of the Hobo Traveler community can write, start, edit, or add photos to any topic. 100 percent respect is required. Please write personal e-mail to Andy Lee Graham hoboontheroad AT and request "Super Powers."



Help Topics:?

Request to write "How to" article be written Click Here

I. Writing Articles /This is the system we use:
Forum of for our edit system.


Spell Checking:

a. Write the article in as a word document, check the spelling. Then to paste, YOU MUST click on the (T) in second row down, then paste.

b. Or you can click on HTML, the spell checker of your browser may work then. 

Help Video Tutorials:

1. Videos explaining how to embed a Video.
2. Videos explaining how to copy and paste.

Terms to understand with explanations:

NOTE: We use a WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get editing system from "" This allow functions such as attaching photos, videos, adding links etc. For extensive advice on learning to use this editor system, the best advice in on their searchable forum:
Forum of

Words and Funtions Defined:

Introduction: This i the the temptation to read your article, it is picked up by and shown as the description in search results. This is description of your article as concise as possible. This is very important, we can; use this snippet of that can only be 154 characters in length to explains in the newsletter sent ;to thousands of; readers what you wrote about. It also can be used to for Twitter and for Facebook to share.

Mashing: This is to connect your article to related pages on this site. This makes your article show in other table of contents.

External Links: This is where you would put a link to your web site, or for site you used for reference. This validates that you did research for your article, and not just 100 percent opinion, it is to drive traffic to your personal site, or to allow readers to reader further. They need to be related, if not, they will be deleted by the editors.

Rotate Mash: This can only be used by the Editors, when an article is completed, it will be sent to all subscribers to the Biog. This is not for the writer of the articles, only for moderators.

Spellchecker: This is a plug in by, and if you have problem, click on HTML, and the spell checker from your browser can work in a text only page.

Images: To upload "owned" photos, or of you, or helpful images, no article written is completed until there is at least one image uploaded. Note that all photos uploaded are owned by the person who wrote and article, we take no ownership for these photos, if you stole the photo from a site, you are the person who will be prosecuted for theft, not our site. We disclaim ownership, and will not use you photos.

Request a help video, click on contact above.

Or if you wish to edit page, or be a moderator, please click on contact and write Andy Graham to request the right to be a master editor. Note, your profile will need to be completed in great detail and you cannot be anonymous.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham CEO and 100 related sites.

Articles Written:

25 Reasons Everyday Hobo Is For People Who Love People

Free 72 Hour Sneak Peak

Add Photos - Help

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BUSINESS PAGE: Notification Page Confirmed Member Welcome - Help

Notification Page Confirmed Member Welcome - Help

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Email Sign Up Welcome Confirmed - Help

Email Sign Up Welcome Confirmed - Help

Help for Hobo Travel Community

Verified members of Hobo can start, edit, proof, add to, modify, add photos. Request "Super Powers" status from Andy, write hoboontheroad AT yahoo.c

Hobo Traveler Members Update on Links Problems : September 11, 2013

Win 100 dollars by being the first person to have 500 followers, people reading your missives, listening to your travel rants and raves, good luck.

How do I get the QWERT Keyboard instead of the the 3 Letters

How do I get the QWERT Keyboard instead of the the 3 Letters

How to Embed a YouTube Video into an Article Written by You - Help

Watch this video on how to embed a video into an article you are writing on the Hobo Traveler Travel Community of sites.

Join City Groups - Help

We request you join 5 city groups, a short list of places you want to visit or live. By joining you tell other members you want to know them.

Messages - Help

How to send messages to other members in the "World Travel Social Community "

OFFICE USE ONLY - Email Sign Up Opt In - Help

OFFICE USE ONLY - Email Sign Up Opt In - Help

Results Page After Member Click On Activation Link

This is the page that is shown after a new member receives email to activate account. After clicking on the link, they are taken here.

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