Hobo Traveler Members Update on Links Problems : September 11, 2013

Win 100 dollars by being the first person to have 500 followers, people reading your missives, listening to your travel rants and raves, good luck.

Hello Hobo Traveler Friends,

For the protection of our travel community members, we have now disabled any links submitted by members who do not have a profile photo. If you see this graphic below, take it as warning that our community does not encourage contact, or relatiions with this person, or company.

Solution: To stop this warning sign, put up a profile photo.


Hobo traveler warning





WIN 100 U.S. Dollars!!!

All Members now have a "Blog Wall." The first member with 500 followers on his or her Blog Wall wins 100 USD!*

This is incredibly easy money for clever members!

How do you invite good friends to follow your Blog Wall?

Clever Hoboes

OR - Second Option – Follow many, and they will follow you back.

Good luck,

Andy Lee Graham
CEO - Founder of Hobo Travel Community. 

Note: The winner's profile photo will be placed on this page, which is presently going out to 21,000 subscribers and members.




Greetings Hobo Travel Communty,

    HoboTraveler.com and 100 Places to Live Internationally.

Member Updates to Hobo Travel Community:

1. Blog Wall – for messages to followers. Note that only your followers are allowed to write on your wall.

2. Follow your friends – Following is active; when we follow friends, we are notified of wall messages.

      "Follow friends, and they will follow you back!"

--> Sign into Blog Wall

Confused? Follow me, Andy (Gadget), and learn.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham (CEO)
Presently in Sosua, Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. I leave October 14, 2013, for Brussels, Belgium, then on to Gambia, West Africa.

Mon, 2 Sep 2013 05:15:50

If you see this, we deem this member unsafe.
Connect to your email account, then ask people to follow your blog wall.
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