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Why complete your profile?

I am Andy Lee Graham, a world traveler who has lived in 90 countries. And as a seasoned world traveler, the Hobo Profile is the information I need to help me find other travelers and friends. This is the Travel Club I want for me, if it helps me, then I know it will help you.

I am "Gadget." and I am Andy Lee Graham the founder.

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If you are planning to travel abroad, then it is helpful to know people who live at your travel destination or have already visited. You can find real friends to help you find good deals, and avoid problems, and have friend meet you at the airport.

The bottom line is this, "we do not want you to talk to strangers." And the people who are already living abroad do not want to talk to anonymous people.

"Being Anonymous allows a person to lie to you."

We do not want you to talk with liars, or cheats, or scammers.

The Hobo Travel Community wants similar people to meet and become friends, by completing your profile honestly, we can help people who share the same values become friends.

Privacy is Important - But Safety is Extremely Important

Joining a social network like Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com, TripAdvisor.com or CouchSurfing can help people to track you, scam you, and steal your identity, money, and 100 times worst. It is not safe to talk with strangers.

I believe in the very near future, Facebook.com will be sued for billions of dollars. They have the ability to stop members from stalking your daughter, or son, and they do not stop it. This is not friendship, it is greed.

1. We are going to encourage you to share needed information to travel.

2. We are going to stop you from accidentally giving too much information that would jeopardize your safety.

Examples of Dangerous Profile Information:

a. Your birthday is needed to steal your identity, therefore we do not want to know.  But we do not want to know a range, for example, I am between 55 and 60 years old.

b. Your e-mail address, you must offer it, we are not going to give it.

c. If you talk about password questions, we can stop you.
- Your Mothers maiden name
- Your favorite color
- Your grade school
- Your pets name
- Your age
- Where you was born

We have the ability to stop words or conversations from happening, so does Facebook.

We are going to warn you of danger!


If you see this "Warning Sign," this means the member is not safe..

By completing your profile honestly, you can advance toward a 5 Star Hobo Membership and earn the right to talk with other 5 Star Members.

5 Star Hobo

If you see this, it means we have done our best to know he or she is safe. However, please understand, a five star member will be granted the right to not talk with 1-4 star members.

We want all members to be good citizens of the Hobo Travel Community, and will tell you who is, and who is not.

Have fun making good friends, and avoiding the problem children.


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Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham Founder and CEO of the Hobo Travel Community.

Fri, 29 Jun 2012 02:24:44

I know you think you understand, please read on why to have a profile and how to edit.

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