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How to make a map of all the countries you have visited for your profile, and how to include on your own web site?

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Map of Countreis Visited

You can a map of the countries you visited on your profile.
(Soon, we will allow it to embedded on your own site.)

Why to complete the countries visited section of profile?
The best reason is to explain your travel knowledge to other travelers, it is proof of your experience level. Most experienced travels want to know just how traveled you are, so they can tailor their answers with messages better. It is better to know, then you can either give respect, of make the answers simpler when needed.

Why? Travel Blogger Credibility
I am Andy Lee Graham, and I say, I have traveled for 14 perpetual years, I am homeless, and I have visited 90 countries. This allows advertisers to my travel knowledge, and proves I am not going to stop traveling after they pay for their advertising. Plus, it allow countries specific advertisers to know what is possible, for example, if you have been to India, maybe an India Hotel may want to advertise.


Fri, 29 Jun 2012 02:24:44

Countries I've Visited Map.

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