Top 10 Antibiotics For Travel

If you needed to carry 10 antibiotics to a deserted Island, what ten antibiotics would you take? Please help define this list for travelers, what is best?

In the developing world, or 85 percent of the planet, a traveler or tourist can walk into a pharmacy and purchase antibiotics. The problem is choosing the best.

The most common I have encountered on the earth is: Amoxicillin


AMPICILLIN: Ear, nose and throat infections, and pneumonia.

ERYTHROMYCIN: bronchitis, pneumonia and skin infections.

GENTAMICIN: For drug-resistant hospital septicaemias.

CEPHALEXIN: For bladder infections, infected wounds and deep cuts.

METRONIDAZOLE: Fungal infections.

OXYTETRACYCLINE: Acne and sinusitis.

TRIMETHOPRIM: Bacterial bronchitis and chest and urinary tract infections.

CEPHRADINE: Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis.

CIPROFLOXACIN: Respiratory and digestive systems, also for septicaemia and gonorrhoea.

CEFACLOR: An alternative for respiratory infections if ampicillin fails.

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Top 10 Antibiotics For Travel

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