This Sucks, I Must Get Covid-19, Then Recover To Live... The Good Life of a World Traveler

I cannot find a way around this virus, to be free, to go walkabout, wander the planet, do my nomad thing, I must allow myself to get the Coronavirus, Covid-19, recover then I will be free to travel the world again. I must get 2-3 labs to sign off, Andy is not contagious.

Hello world at large,

I am 64, and don't like the odds, maybe 1 in 300 people die at my age if they get this nasty killer of a virus called "Covid-19."

Yet, the math is not yet in, we do not know how many people in the general population have had it, and do not know it.

Ergo - I must try to catch this virus, hopefully with a ventilator close, with a hospital close, and the biggest problem, enough money to pay for my recovery.

It is a gamble, I think I am willing to take, that I will just shake the disease off, get it, and walk on down the road, with a life owned by me, "Free and Clear."

I cannot find a way around this, and, I am all about living, about the solution to life, for me to be happy, I must ignore the ways we can die, and live.

Don't get me wrong, I do a shit load of work, to learn how to avoid getting sick, pump up my body, and I plan to live to be 120 years of age, life is good for me.. I often say, when a travel writer writes all that pompous, cliche crap, "I am in paradise."

Bullshit I think, if you was in your personal paradise, you do not leave, you stay. Why do writers lie? And, why do readers believe these lies? I guess they want to believe, more than they want to think, and be honest. Common sense is rare; I study ways to find people, it is like a mining for gold project, I must mine the Internet to find one honest person maybe 1 every month, maybe I find one per month, a rare commodity.

Well, I am putting this on the Hobo Talk Wall, and I expect, most people will be too afraid to die, to comment.?

Go here to join the parade of people who will say,
"Andy, you do not want to get the virus."
Click here:?

Yes, I do, so I can be free to live, I will not be a slave to fear.

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham
Panajachel, Guatemala
April 13, 2020 Life is Good, if we live a life.

Mon, 13 Apr 2020 03:28:29

Covid-19 for Andy Lee Graham

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