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Smuggling Amoxicillin Into the USA

I wonder if American citizens living near the Mexican border smuggle prescription drugs into the USA?

After living outside the USA for 15 years, the USA laws start to blur. It is a very confusing moral dilemma. Should I obey American laws so the doctors and pharmacies make money? On one hand, I want to respect the USA, obey the laws and pay taxes so the schools and roads have money. On the other hand, I would never bend over for the soap in front of a doctor; they do not seem to have any sense of remorse.


I can talk to a doctor in Guatemala for U.S. $3-8 dollars – even an American one if I want. I can talk to doctor in Thailand for U.S. $2. In the Philippines, I once paid U.S. $10.

Last year in the Dominican Republic, I saw a doctor for free. This was a very confusing experience. I felt very strange talking to a doctor for free. My American culture says that I am to respect them, pay them money and not ask questions because somehow American doctors have better brains.

I really do not want to take sides. This is not a "USA: love it or leave it" proposition. It just is silly for me to be angry at the whole country. Yet, it seems savvy, intelligent and a survival of the fittest thing to disobey the doctors, and health insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

In the members-only area is a video of me buying Amoxicillin.

Andy Graham


There are quite a few "free?" clinics in the US but some are more free than others. They do provide a reasonable service for those who have no health insurance but if anyone has a serious health problem that requires a hospital about the best they can do is go to Emergency and then wait to die.
Sad situation, fortunately some who are only a little poor can sometimes go out of country for help.
We shouldn't have to do this, but it's the American Way all about the money.
You have enough or you die.
Prescriptions of course are the other overpriced problem but the same applies as for all other health care in general.
The VA is another (both good and bad) area for veterans. They are so far behind helping our recent vets it's bordering on criminal and Congress doesn't seem to care enough to get some positive results right now to solve the problems.
I'm one of the fortunate, and I earned my benefits the hard way, I worked long hours many times without pay and many years, so I now have good coverage.
As for those "soapy" docs Andy you are at an age where it pays to stay on top of all and any test that may keep you alive longer. Regardless of how healthy you eat, work out, etc something can sneak up on you.
I know I had prostate cancer 5 yrs ago and caught it all in time due to regular check ups.
I gritted my teeth and suffered the soap but in the end (*no pun intended, I think considering I'm laughing)
it paid off.
Another LOL as if I did not have good coverage I would not be here laughing right now.

Stay healthy Andy and the same for all the rest basically over 50.
Ever onward until I cannot!


I live along the U.S.-Mexico border. In answer to your question, "I wonder if American citizens living near the Mexican border smuggle prescription drugs into the USA?", the answer is HECK YEAH!


It is very difficult to get into Med School in USA, and very expensive, so Med Schools for US Citizens popped up some years ago in Grenada, W.I. and Guadalajara, Mexico, here in El Salvador the 3 main Med Schools cost about $100 Month or less for National University, tuition, many Salvadoran Americans are coming here, getting a Salvadoran Med Degree then going home and do the 2 extra years study, 1 for Nursing to get certified in USA, minus a $125,000 Student Loan debt! When I travel to USA, one of my Meds is a controlled substance, the other is by Prescription only in US, here no scrip needed, I just bring a note from my local Doctor, never had any problem at US Customs, I had Medicaid in USA in the 1980s with the help of a clinic staffed by Polish American Psychologists, Nurses and social Workers, my Ex Wofe from Poland got me in the door, they got me diagnosed and functioning again, when I had severe clinical depression in USA, one brilliant Doctor dx ed me as 'mentally challenged' which means Retard in non PC and I almost got put into one of the 'assisted living programs' Polish American Psychologist intervened and I was able to skedaddle the USA when ready, have had some great Doctors here in Central America, in fact the Public hospital here in El Salvador saved my life a few years ago when I got pneumonia and lung collapsed due to 38 years of smoking, no charge, had nice nurses there and a couple of mean ones, but asi es la vida!!!! Great article.

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