How to manage Malaria as a traveler or tourist, what precautions to take, how to know when infected, and the cure explained.

Malaria is a parasite that attacks the blood cells and kills them, until finally the body dies from lack of oxygen, shock, or goes into a coma.

Mosquitoes that have bitten another person or animal infected with Malaria carries the parasites in the saliva, and when it bites you the saliva enters you body and starts to attack..

The symptoms of Malaria are complete lost of energy, headaches, dulled mental ability and constant sleeping. A person that has Malaria has trouble moving or getting out of bed. Normally in Tropical environments, you can ask any pharmacist and they will help you to know quickly.

The best cure is to go to a clinic or hospital and they will put a half liter of medical fluid into your body by intravenous injection. If you are going out of range of a hospital, then you can carry with you Malaria Medicine.

Prevention of Malaria:

A great artible on Malaria, three possible solutions.

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