I Took My First Testosterone Injection Today to Transform Me From 56 to a 26 Years Old Man

Testosterone Injections are dangerous, please read this with caution, if you are under the age of 40 ignore this page.


They all lie, there is absolutely nothing good about getting older, I now spend over an hour per day in body maintenance. When I was 26 years old, not my 56, I was able to ignore everything about my body and be in great shape. I see myself as a 35 year old man, my self-image is that I am 35, I am not 56, and every time I meet a person my age, they are older than me.

Now, to be serious, I started taking a anti-aging formula a couple of weeks ago, but was afraid to take the testosterone shot until today.

I wrote about it here: Anti-Aging Formula

This is scary stuff, and for sure not for everyone, in fact, I recommend you do not do this, it is probably just for the serious researchers. Example, I read on Wikipedia.org on average, between 1-2 hours per day. Then I need to file away the information onto my computer.

1. Collect links, then can print out onto an HTML page using something from this page, but it maybe has disappeared.

2. Collect videos, I use a program called You Tube Downloader, it is free, and the videos I put into a folder for review.

3. Photo, search on Google, right click, save as, etc. place into adjacent folder.

My never-ending goal in life is to collect information, then retrieve it in seconds, and when I change computer, all that information travels with me.

Testosterone Injection

The goal here to create in my body the same hormones as when I was 25, and in way as a result the body will resume being age 25. I hope to increase muscle tone and somehow adjust my metabolic set-point weight from 185 to 165. I believe the body auto-enforces weight at a certain point, unless we do extreme exercise or are just young.

I am taking all the supplements above, yet think in the USA this would too expensive to even consider unless you are willing to pay maybe 300 USD per month, plus another 200 for the doctor.

I am paying per month, on the idea of two testosterone shots per month.

Testosterone 500
DHEA - 300
Magnesium 300
Tamxifen 500
Potassium 300

2,500.00 DOP = 64 USD per month, about two dollar per day. I am also taking a multi-vitamin, after breakfast.

Have fun, but there is fountain of youth, if there is one, it is exist in our ability to assume the posture of a 25 year old person in our minds. To be able to think, feel, and act as a 25 year old.

Thanks, Andy Graham in Sosua, Dominican Republic on December 23, 2011
Here is the list of ingredients my friend Kevin advised me to take:

DHEA 75 Milligrams (Taken Orally) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DHEA
Magnesium Orotate 500 mg once per day. (Good for nerves.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnesium_orotate

(I am not taking) Chorionic Gonadotropin hCG 3000 10/ml 1 vial (Injected) (Inject 1,500 iu Twice per week.) (Weight loss, but most reports appear to say this does nothing.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chorionic_gonadotropin

Potassium 1 MG (Taken Orally) One per day http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potassium

Testosterone Cypionate: This is a male maker, this has the male hormones) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testosterone_cypionate

Anastrozol, but switched to Tamxifen
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamoxifen  - Stop Male breast fat, more less inhibits estrogen in a man.



I have had injections of Testosterone half-dozen times in the last couple years and find it helpful in Life Extension efforts. You don´t need anything until after 30 - then you age. I am 63 and fit, people judge me to be about 49. A hormone baseline panel I had drawn on me in Panajachel, Guatemala then proved to me that I was at below the very bottom of the scale (2-10) so I had the Pharmacist there inject me as I knew I was "Low-T", typical for diabetics - which I am. Subsequently in Mexico I got a physical from a Mexican Doc, retired from the U.S. Navy and he advised continuing testosterone but said to get it no sooner than every 23 days to not increased incidence of Cancer from it´s use. News to Me! I´ve complied with that cautionary but haven´t done as much reading perhaps as you - worth checking out frequency. I stayed at monthly or every second or third month since then ... a tip from reading Tim Ferriss´s book 4-Hour Body in which he writes "People would Die without Steroids" - he recommends another similar steroid rather than testosterone called "Deca" (deca-durabolin -- deca-durabolina in Spanish -- nandrolone decanoate) which may have less of a tendency to thin head-top hair (hair everywhere else grows - found it a little hard to shave later). The Pharmacy Girls and Guys in InkaPharma in Iquitos, Peru where I got Deca over the counter knew exactly what I was looking for, "Deca!" they said repeatedly slapping their chests and making bicep gestures at me and telling me all the Gym-Rats came in for theirs. Humorous. It came in a package with 2 syringes but the vial is small so I asked for the whole thing injected. Should have taken the half-vial. VERY strong stuff, I was buzzing like a Top right after and shaving...forget that for a couple months. In fact I think this male hormone program kick-started my endogenous testosterone production as subsequent tests months after injections had me mid-to-higher T-levels and I have held off now for 10 months. Maybe I´ll supplement again soon but I´ll look to use Bayer "Deca" over testosterone anymore. BTW, I find that I get better results using the most expensive brands instead of the cheaper - always ask for the expensive stuff. Not much more but is purer and faster acting. Cheaper brands seem to have a bad carrier filler that makes it very difficult for me to walk for most of a week each time injected and is to rough on me to use making me feel it was destroying hip cartilage, and though eventually effective, not as good at all.

If you supplement Potassium I suggest you take Magnesium in near equal amount and a Calcium once daily ... also Tim Ferriss advice. These are the normal electrolytes in body balance. Too much Potassium makes you Magnesium deficient and all 3 are needed for normal cellular and nervous system function and are excreted in sweat and urine with heat and exercise and are not stored. You need these things in foods rich in them and the supplements bring up the levels - malabsorption is to be expected with aging people who get less benefit from nutrients than younger people do. A digestive enzyme may help with nutrient absorption, as does papaya. Oh, Vitamin D is now considered a wonder drug and it's suggested beside sunlight (only 8-10 AM and 2-6 PM with glasses and a hat - sunscreen) you supplement with Vitamin D3 the variety you get in sunlight. The other type D2 you get in fatty fish like salmon and in mushrooms, but D3 is the bioavailable one. It´s now recommended by all medical authorities like the National Heart Associations that every human supplement with Vit D. More energy, better health and stronger immune system among the reasons.

Your Cholesterol level goes up initially with testosterone injections - to get a good reading on that get that level before an supplement injection round, not after as the results will be atypical (for you) High and you don´t want to with their side effects get on Cholesterol lowering meds simply because you don´t know that interaction. You need a PSA test if you take Testosterone or Deca-durabolin and an occasional "short-arm" test with a Doc as PSA testing is now considered not as accurate as before.

Keep the life extension blog posts coming. Reverse Aging.

Page Turner

Did you know that people who take testosterone shots can have lots of side effects. The worst being if you are part of a family that has prostrate cancer you had better tread lightly because this is a important side effect. Another is pelives hepatis which is incurable. It may effect your liver also which effects your kidneys. Since you say you were a drinker this may be a thought to throw into the mix. Hope you are having tests to see if you need these shots.All in all, you may be a smart man who is willing to take high end risks with your health.

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