I Have Learned that Americans do Not Know Much About the Cost of Health Care in the USA

American are unaware of the true cost of health care because nobody ever tells them, and they truly do not care.

American Suckers

I have been writing about my health problems for a couple of years. I feel like I am standing in the queue waiting for the Doctor to say,
"Andy, it is now time for your hip replacement."
"Ok, I am coming, but can you first tell me, how much does it cost?"
Doctor replies,
"Don't worry, it is not that much."

"HOW much, is NOT too much?"

Hip Replacement in next 10 Year
I feel there is a 70 percent chance I will get a hip replacement in the next 10 years. Therefore, because I do not have health insurance, and for sure I do not trust Obama when he says,
"Andy, you now have universal health insurance."
I think what he means is,
"Andy, I am going to use the force of the law, to make you buy Health Insurance."

Well, the bottom line is this, I need to know how much it cost to pay for a hip replacement. And, since this is on my mind for the last two years, I am continually asking people who have had one, how much does it cost. In the last two years, I have stumbled on about 10 people, and the answer is this,
"None of them know the cost of a hip replacement."

It is rather amazing to me, but it appears the American public is 95-99 percent unaware of the true cost of health care. Generally, all the people I have met never even asked how much it cost before the received the hip replacement. They just paid their co-pay and never even tried to learn, or maybe the information was too hidden in piles of Doctor noise.

The hip replacement Doctors must love the American patient...
charge them anything, they will pay, they just do not care..

There is a blindness in our people, and it is growing.

My List of Health Problems:

1. Sciatica

2. Broken femur in a motocycle accident 30 years ago, that resulted in one leg bing shorter and an imblance in body, with sacroiliac problems.

3. The joint in my left hip is loose, there is too much open area. 


I am 95 percent sure it will cost me less to do this overseas than the people who are insured inside the USA.

Sat, 14 Jan 2012 10:20:14

I Have Learned that Americans do Not Know Much About the Cost of Health Care in the USA

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