I am Angry at Myself for Getting Fat

Today I weigh 197 pounds, at six foot tall, I believe I need to be between 146 and 181 pounds, I am 32 pounds overweight today, I want to weigh 165.

My hip or back is in great pain, it has reach a level that makes me afraid. I must only think of this as a one day a time problem, if for some reason this pain lasted for the rest of my life it would be an intolerable life.

Andy Graham

1. At age 16 I fell on my hip while pole vaulting and hurt my hip, there is a scar from where the skin stretched.

2. At age 23 I was in a motorcycle accident and broke my femur in four places, which resulted in a leg that is not straight, and shorter.

3. I have walked on this bad and shortened leg for over 32 years.

Something is broken in my body, and weighing 32 pounds more than I want, and walking around for 32 years on a bad leg has brought me to this point in my life.

I want, maybe need to reverse 32 years of my life.

I am not sure what happened, why do I want to overeat? I know that all men are weak, there is always weakness in all men, there is a temptation in all men that he or she cannot overcome. Can I overcome this problem, that is leading to more than needed pain.

I am carrying around on my body a 32 pound weight that helps push down on my hip bone or back and caused me great pain.

Is this a need or a want, and how does one create enough passion to motivate myself to lose this 32 pounds, how do I become committed?

I need to get on a plane to India for 20 hours, all in all the trip from my home to Goa will take at least 30 plus hours. The thought of sitting in a plane seat for over 12 hours at a stint is rather daunting.


I've struggled with the weight too. This summer, I've been following the Slow Carb diet (as mentioned by Tim Ferriss in the Four Hour Body).

Basically: lots of protein (meat, beans, fish, chicken) and no bread, white carbs (potatos), fruit, sugar, booze, etc. But, once a week you can eat anything you want. No limits.

I've found it easy to follow and having a cheat day once per week makes it really easy to stick to it.

I haven't been perfect, but it certainly has worked. Between June 1 and today, I'm down 21 pounds. Not super fast, but super easy.

I hope to lose another 30 pounds before the spring.

It can be done!



I just lost some stubborn weight easily by reading and following the diet advice on Tim Ferriss´s new book: " The 4-Hour Body". It´s quickly downloaded as an eBook for Amazon´s free software, Kindle for PC´s (or Mac´s´s). He calls the diet the Slow Carb diet, which is basically only lean meat (and/or beans or lentils and vegetables ... nothing much else for 6-days/week. No breads, rice or potatoes. On the 7th Day you can eat absolutely anything, until you get sick, hahah. The 7th Day pig out tricks the body from going into "starvation mode" by lowering it´s metabolism. Simple. Really Works, and Quick!

BTW, specifically,if you are still in Panajachel, I recommend seeing James Easter to check and correct leg-length differences possibly due to hip tilt -- he wil also give you specific chiropractic exercises that work. Then when returning to Indiana (or Chicago), you could see an orthopedic shoe place with a consulting podiatrist for the correct shoe depth and arch footware inserts. I have done all of these things (saw the chiroractor, James Easter in Guatemala) then I broke some bones in my right foot in the Andes and a becoming less mobile, picked up weight. Anyway, I know what works.

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