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Cartilage Degeneration in My Hip Joint is Painful -- X-Rays In Guatemala

I had three x-rays done at the Hospitalito Lago Atitlan showing cartilage degeneration inside the cup of my left joint. Cost 45 USD here in Guatemala.

Hip Joint Degeneration

The round head at the top of my femur is in great condition.

I have cartilage degeneration as the result of two accidents:

1. I fell from 11 feet while pole vaulting in high school onto my hip joint causing swelling and a scar.

2. Motorcycle accident that broke my left femur at age 23, and my leg is crooked and shorter.

 X-Ray of Broken Femur of Andy Graham

This is a real X-ray of my left femur done in Lorma Hospital near Bwang on the Island of Luzon in the Philippines for about 10-15 USD. They was able to make a digital file that I could send to a USA doctor for review.

MRI of Sciatica of Andy Graham

This is an actual MRI of Sciatica of my back done at the Lorma Hospital for 150 USD in the city of San Fernando, near Bwang in the Philippines.

Generally a person could come to Lago Atitlan and a man by the name of James Easter could walk you through the whole process for a fee.

Here is his profile on, I hope to convince him to finish:

James Easter iching14 A, acupuncture, medical Qigong

In practice since 1980, speaks Spanish and English, specialities sciatica, candida

systemic yeast infections, life extension arts

Trick, learn the words on English on Wikipedia, then click on the Spanish link in the left column, than print and take into the Doctor or Pharmacy.

Solution: Maybe....

James has recommended: glucosamine / chondroitin sulfate / methylsulfonylmethane and can be purchased cheap at Costco or Walmart, but I purchased on

Alexa, an English speaking therapist here in Panajachel recommends the same in conjunction with exercises, plus a Magnesium Oxide supplement.

The advantage of Guatemala is there is 3-4 hour plane trip from the USA, while the Philippines is about 12-13 with the best of luck. Anyone with Sciatica or who is in great pain may find the trip onerous.

One-Way to Guatemal about 200-400
One-Way to Philippines is about 600-850 USD 


Good news! I wonder if that's what I'm suffering from. I'd like to talk to James when I arrive in November.


Did you get the x-ray taken in Pana?


I had the x-rays done in Santiago, at the Lago Atitlan, Hospitalito, a private Hospital and they cost 150 Quetzales per big photo. Consultation is 50 Q, and I had a guy by the name of Alexis a physical therapist from Pana that goes there on Tuesday helping, he was a Chiropractor, Doctor, and Therapist, and speaks perfect English, he lived in the USA from age 7 until 26 mas or menos.


It appears my left butt muscle is so atrophied I am also sitting on a nerve. Because of the motorcycle accident I favor this leg and it continually shrinks. When I lived in the USA I went to the gym daily and work on the leg, but traveling for 13 years has taken it toll and I am too weak in that leg, there is not enough muscle for padding. It appears I will have to do special lunges, and squats, and deep knee bends daily on the one leg for sure to make the butt have enough padding to protect the hip joint. Another day older and deeper in pain.. hehehe. There is absolutely not upside to getting older.

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Sciatica of Andy Graham by MRL in Philippines title=
X-Ray of left femur of Andy Graham
Cartilage Degeneration in My Hip Joint is Painful -- X-Rays In Guatemala