Working Makes You Happy

One sure way to feel happy, is to finish what you start, to do a job well done.


PLEASE put a Filter on Your Brain

People need to work on something, a job, a project, a hobby;
because many minds will drift toward the dark shadows.

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882) Self-Reliance

What is a foolish consistency?

It is when you say, "I love my wife."
and never allow yourself to say,
"I hate my wife."

Both can be absolutely true at the same time.

Little mind refuse to allow both to exist, they are always consistent.


Ralph Waldo Emerson may have consistently had a long nose.

Working makes people happy, it stops them from being tempted to do one of seven deadly sins, and truly screw up their lives.

I sometime say,
"I do not like to provoke people."

Yet, I get tens times the amount of hate mail of the average Travel writer, no I am wrong, 1000 times. The average travel writer never got a hate mail in their life. When you tell a reader, the place they love sucks, or the place they are ready to spend a fortune to visit sucks, they go into attack mode.

I can say, I do not want to associate with fat people...
I do not want to associate with old people.
I do not want to associate with ugly people.

And, I am 100 percent sure I do not, that is, I these people do not make good wingmen when I am trying to meet sexy, smart, intelligent, and skinny hippie chicks. Other than that, if they smell ok, I will associate them, make them my freind and only avoid around beautiful girls.

It is obvious, I somehow provoke people, but it was not my intention, but it would silly to not acccept the facts, provoked people write hate mail to me all the time, therefore my writing provokes, I am provoking people whether I say it or not.

I also accept that as a Christian, I am at war againt Islamic people. They declared war on me, therefore I am at war, I cannot just say no, unless I am incapble of accepting reality.

Accept this now, you can love and hate your wife.

I do not care if you are married or not, try to get with the intention here, try to understand, and not look for insane consistency. Only Americans, Germans, and Europeans want to do everything consistent. The real world, which is 85 percent of the people on the planet allow people to be inconsistent, they accept that nobody is perfect. What happened, when did the rich people become so stupid.

Saying helllo is a great way to have friends, and 90 percent of the foreigners traveling the world do not say hello, I assume they not want friends, which means they will die alone.

American cannot accept that nobody should be perfect, only God is allowed to be perfect, I am we are not God, and for me, I am not sure God is perfect, the idea of needing to be worship baffles me, just seems like he has low self-esteem, to be loved by the mass of people seems like torture, and not Godly or Presidential.

I can therefore love my wife, and hate my wife, even though I have never been married. If you are incapable of understanding the intention of that sentence, the quick...

Get out of the genetic pool --- or shift into big brain mode.

Genetic Pool

I do not want anyone to be regular, mediocre, I want everyone to work.

I want you to work on project.

I want you to work to save the world.

I want you to work to make your life better.

I want you to spend more time doing things that make you happy, then thing that make you sad, I want you to work on this.


I think many, the mass majority of you cannot say or allow yourself the right to say,
"Do what makes you happy."

Why, you are going to think only about perverted types of sex.

For those of you, that only think about sex, alcohol, and drugs when you want to have fun, please go to work and be a wage slave, we want to keep you occupied, your brain is a trouble child.

Mockery of another specific human, for example your friends is a the sign of a small mind, mockery of humanity in general is allow your brain to leave the box.

Tue, 10 Jul 2012 05:53:33

Quick get out of the Genetic pool
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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