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Wood Shipping Crate

Facebook users found this photo of a simple wooden crate, with the words "Made in China" interesting, this makes me curious as to why?


"Happiness is found in simple things, which are not simple to find."
- Andy Graham

Wood Shipping Crate

I was buying a baguette in Natitingou, Benin yesterday, when I looked down to discover this wood shipping crate with the wrods "Made In China" stamped on the side. For unknown reasons to me, I decided to put on Facebook, I just enjoy the photo, it makes me happy, so I shared it.

And to my surprise, other people on Facebook also liked the photo.

Wood Shipping Crate

This is why I travel the world, to discover what is right in front of my eyes, but never revealed until I leave home.

Andy Lee Graham, Natitingou Benin, January 21, 2014

Wood shipping crate with the words stamped on it, "Made in China," discovered at the bread stalls of Natitingou, Benin. title=