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Why I Say Life is Good

Why I started to say, "Life is Good?" Andy Graham


I am the USA and having nastaligic memories of how it was many years ago. As best I can muster, somewhere between the years of 1990 and 1995 there were some trendy phrases to say,

"Life sucks, then you die."

"All men are jerks."

Life is good

Somewhere, along the line, I decided this was counter productive, there was nothing to be gained by listening to this noise. I thought to myself, what is the opposite? And, I decided to say,
"Life is good!"

This was my only way of fighting back, I was not trying to save the world, I was trying to save myself. Sometimes I forget to say "Life is Good," then out of the blue, someone writes me an e-mail and says at the bottom,

Thanks Andy
"Life is good."

And, life is better.

Read Translations of "Life is Good."

My advice is this, everytime you hear some negative comment, just stop and say, "Life is Good," three times. It take a little more work to think postive, therefore we need to work a little harder.

Say this now, on three...

1. 2. 3. "Life is Good!"


Andy Graham - "Life is Good."


Today I am on the fence. I tried life is good more than 3 times yet I am dealing with our idiot government
and am not feeling life is good.

I am alive, reasonably healthy, money in the bank, owe no one and have 2 successful kids.
Life is good but it can be a whole lot better if I did not have to put up with people who supposedly
have jobs where they are expected to help us, the ones who pay their wages.

Oh well, ever onward into the swamp of no common sense called US government.


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