When My Travel Blog Destroyed The Fun of Travel

We need to be careful in life, when a business destroys a family, and the pursuit of happiness, it is time to move on, and reinvent our life, we travel.

The Pursuit of Happiness

I am Uncle Andy, and have been trying to tell my now adult, nieces and nephews,
“Go to University.”
“Choose a career you love.”
“Do it for love, not money.”
--- “Whatever you do --- do not move to a hell-hole to live, because the job demanded it.”

I love Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, the climate is perfect, there is this big lake, and tons of strange dysfunctional hippie types, that allow my mind to wander. Daily I get to wonder why they are so crazy? Why they dress the way they do, there is a great adventure in learning about human motivations, it is the ultimate adventure, into the mind of man.

So here, I am, Andy Lee Graham, a Travel Blogger, one of the few, maybe 1 in a Million, that actually makes enough money to live, anywhere, and everywhere on the planet. And because love of something is like an addiction, I have returned to Lake Atitlan over the course of 18 years, about 7-8 times, I really do not know, or care how many times? Why? Because I wander the planet, one of the few that again, has enough money to go where I want, whenever I want, and no restraint. I designed a business model that does not need to be location dependent, I am location independent, this in simple terms means, I earn money wherever I am located, I can say anything I want, and I can write anything I want.

I may be one of the few nomads, one the few people who is really free on the planet. I must only keep the evil empire the big G happy, and not oogle too much about how traffic comes to my site. We presently have 22,000 members on HoboTraveler.com, and when it reaches 100,000 we figure, complete freedom. I went into business the first time at age 22, and since then, have owned, managed, and ran 7 different business ventures. Each time the business model evolved, until it number SEVEN; this Internet web site gave me the dream, my pursuit of business happiness.

My life is good, it is the life I designed, I am 100 percent responsible for the success or problems in my life, I am the architect of my happiness.

There is no such thing, and a perfect world, perfect business, and I have accidentally destroyed my Travel Happiness…. Let put it this way, if I had a million dollars, I would still write, and I would still travel, I love doing both, it is an obsession of love. I love Travel more than money, the opportunity to meet new people, new places, and new experiences is the fountain of youth, I will never die of old age, or inactivity, my mind is full to the brim with ideas, and adventure.

Yet, accidents will happen in business, we destroy products, we destroy clients, and a good business person go own, does not stop, and repairs damage.

Yet, it appears that I like to travel, but I do not like to be in a location where everybody knows me, I like to meet people without any old history, or new history. I love old friendships, but friends do not like journalist to write about their playground, to make videos of their home. Yet, living in any tourist location is like living in New York City. To tell a person to not write, take photos, or make videos of paradise is sort of insane, look but do not remember…
I became so well know as a Real Estate Broker in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that I was approached by every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street,
“Hi Andy.”
I have made so many videos of Lake Atitlan that every hippie dippie on the lake, my reason for coming to Lake Atitlan is no longer enjoying. I truly enjoy people watching, Lake Atitlan is like going to the local mall, and everyone is from another planet.
“Mama did indeed raise some fools, and she still does dress you funny.”

We must laugh at ourselves, this may, and should be my last 1-2 month visit to Lake Atitlan, dysfunction junction is no longer possible, my Travel Blog videos has allowed 100’s of people to come visit this lake, and enjoy time in paradise. It is no longer paradise for the messenger, but again, I have made a great business model, and there are millions of paradise locations on the planet.

Life is where we live, and we are obliged, in the pursuit of happiness to make that location into a paradise, and when it is not, we migrate, we travel, we move on.

Life is good, and sometimes it is better, but work should be wrapped around paradise, it should be the warm blanket that keeps where we live a happy location.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham in Panajachel, Guatemala on Lake Atitlan.
March 31, 2016

Adios Lake Atitlan, I hope to never see you again, my Travel Blog has destroyed the reason to come to Lake Atitlan, and I thank you Lake Atitlan for being fun. Tourism often destroys paradise, when too many people discover a location; the savvy travelers know just over the hill could be paradise found.

I will continue to share the map, please understand, Lake Atitlan is still a paradise climate, and is a good fun, it is my business that destroyed it for me. Follow along, in my pursuit of other paradises locations on this small planet we call Earth, and where I live, will always be my personal paradise.

PLEASE NOTE: I love to write, I hate to edit, and proofread, so I do very little, it is the pursuit of happiness.


Andy thanks for your honesty and I have no doubt you will reach your 100k followers!


My Travel Blog is top on Nat Geo Adventure, Forbes, Trip Advisor, etc, and so forth. Sometimes people ask, how to have a famous travel Blog? It is easy, do not stop traveling. If you try to make a list of top 10 travel Blogs, 5 of the people that are good writers will quit traveling almost before you finish the collection of Travel Bloggers. 80 percent of business fail within the first three years, this does not count the number that fail within weeks of the person say, "I am starting a business." I was talking to Lily the 20 year old who I interviewed, she said, "You need to spend money, to make money." I almost jumped, stayed calm, but said, you only spend money after you have tested a concept. Anyone can succeed at a business if they can afford to live while they make every mistake possible, then learn from mistakes. I am 100 percent guaranteed to make it to 100,000 and more, why? I can move to places that cost almost zero, for example, I have a 6 dollar per month room in Kpalime, Togo. If needed, I can live there for about 100 USD per month, work on this site until we get the 100 k of members to neutralize the need for G--- oo--ggle search traffic completely. What money does, is make a winning formula move faster, a failing formula can also move faster. Anyone can travel, anywhere, just go slower when confused, but trying to support a house, a car, a tree, two cats, a dog, and every other life-long commitment we sign up for out of our own free will can stop us dead in our tracks. The less I buy, the more free I am to live.


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Live to travel to live...


Dear Andy,

The droll pragmatic humor and wisdom in your approach to life is what I love best about your unique style of self expression. My new favorite is what you said about financial obligations and pets and "every other life-long commitment that we sign up for out of our own free will that can stop us dead in our tracks". that really hit the nail on the head for me That one comment rates my own personal choice for a Mark Twain Quote of the Year Award for summing up the cumulative personal choices standing between most of us armchair travelers and our dreams of travel. In the meantime, I'm trying to find beauty in gardening and home improvement because of the mortgage and pets though I'd much prefer to cast off my yoke of domestic slavery and fly away. Thank you, Andy, for your continued faithfulness to your subscribers and YouTube fans. It was my first laugh of the day. I am thinking about getting an online TEFL from a college in Arizona in case something happens to my retirement income and I decide not to wait any longer.


Andy I love this line!
"Anyone can travel, anywhere, just go slower when confused, but trying to support a house, a car, a tree, two cats, a dog, and every other life-long commitment we sign up for out of our own free will can stop us dead in our tracks. The less I buy, the more free I am to live."
So so so TRUE!

I moved in the past couple years to a little cabin in the woods in northern MN. Is it mine yes, However, it has been shared with so many people through couch surfers to ABB guest. This cabin is all but "Off the Grid"
When I leave for Fiji, New Zealand for the 4th time in Jan. people ask me "How do you do it?" Monetary wise I am by no means what most westerners would label as rich. People hardly get there one time from the states.
It's all about your statement above. It doesn't all have to be sacrifice. My biggest challenge when I leave is finding somebody to keep an eye on my dog and free range chickens. It's an issue that I have created however, I love my dog and fresh eggs so there is give and take.
Andy, I am sure people are living and dreaming through you~ the fact of the matter is anybody can do it. Refer back to Andy's Blog on Fear which explains why many people cant even imagine quitting there job or making positive or any changes in there life. It REALLY holds a lot of people back.
Peace, Barbara
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