The Fine Line Between Anger and Contentment - Happiness

Make a decision today, either to be content, or angry, but don't sit on the fence with no passion for life.

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The Fine Line between Anger and Contentment

I do not want to be called:
1. Predictable
2. Cliché
3. Blasé

Self-righteous anger, self-induces anger is an addiction, there is delight when we get an endorphin rush; we can self-medicate so easily. However, it is more difficult to accept, and search for happiness, or the ever elusive word “contentment.”

I sort of live by a method of avoiding negative situations, or people, then search for enjoyment, things, or people to obsess over. Yes, I truly want to be thinking about you today in a jealous or envious way.

How to Remain a World Traveler?

1. Never feel like I got a bad deal, for example bad hotels, taxi drivers, or paying for when a tip is included at a restaurant.

2. Be able to leave.

3. Be physically fit, my body must be capable of a 22 hour plane trip.

Somerset Maughn said,

“Unless love is passion, it's not love, but something else; and passion thrives not on satisfaction, but on impediment.”
? W. Somerset Maugham, The Razor's Edge

Therefore, I will not allow myself to be predictable, cliché, or blasé.

My greatest pleasure in travel is leaving, and then arriving….

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Fri, 13 Apr 2018 11:07:00

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