The Danger of Playing and Enjoying Yourself all Day, and Not Working

Happiness is a balance between play and work, but the pursuit of happiness is my goal in life.


Hmm, did you know?
People are angry because I have fun all day.

I am Andy Lee Graham, and I live abroad because,
"I want to have fun all day."

Many years ago, I started saying to my friend, and readers,
"life is good."

It is an excellent filter, it allow me separate my friends into two groups, those who appreciate life, and those who tolerate life. A few get angry, and other are happy when I say that, and I hang with the latter.


I Was Born Lucky

I has the great fortune in life, a true stroke of luck to become a rip roaring, drunk, or alcoholic around age 21, and what a life I have lead because of it.

I think I should thank God daily for giving me this gift. It was the best thing that ever happened in my life, there is nothing like losing your license for 10 years, being on house arrest for a year to make you love life. I just celebrated 25 years of being sober, and many of you continue on being nuts, that is sad.

Dysfunction Junction is where many people live today, yesterday, tomorrow, it is where life sucks, and people refuse to have good fun, instead alway opting for debauchery,  and self-destructive behavior, or work to stay busy.

Today, I start New Personal Motto,
"I want to have fun all day."

A new filter by which to separate friends, and to spot the problem children. This filter has a couple of problems. but a little illumination about our friends will bring some out to play in the light, and others it will drive to the dark.

If I would walk out my door and say to a few friends, the might say,

1. "Let's go get drunk."
another would say
2. "Let's ride our bikes to the park."
and, a few would say,
3. "Let's us ride our bikes to the park, get some exercise, and then go get drunk."
the last, and sad majority with say,
4. "I have to go work, and mow my lawn."

Adam and Even Got Booted Out of Eden

I suspect I make quotes from the bible to make people angry, to provoke them to have ugly thoughts, it is quite good fun for me, and a few people see the light.

And, the big boy upstairs, the man who wants worshiped, said,

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

Then to Adam, God also said,

"Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree about which I commanded you, saying, 'You shall not eat from it'; Cursed is the ground because of you; In toil you shall eat of it All the days of your life. "Both thorns and thistles it shall grow for you; And you shall eat the plants of the field;"

My Thought to God is, "Get a life."

Why be so vengeful, mean, and difficult? God, get a life, at least try to be optimistic, don't be such a killjoy.

Gee, God, what's with all the negative ju ju, this kind of Karma truly makes people angry.

I believe the big boy upstairs, and he is not a woman.... hehehe  Has a great sense of humor, he want us to "Get a life," but he just played the situation, gamed us idiots in a round about way, whereby a few can see, and others are blind.

What good fun, as the Brits say. I like that boy, he reminds me of House MD, one of my heroes, and mentors.

TMI - Too Much Information in the Minds of My Friends

I suspect this, and I know this, and I am quite sure of this, when I say to people,
"Let's go have fun all day."


My normal well repeated phrase,
"The secret to happiness, is to do more things in a day that makes us happy, then things that make us sad."

What the people start to think about is sex, drugs, doing strange things to chickens, and all sort of wild and crazy things

Oops, I am sorry, I was not trying to lead you into temptation, I was just trying to say, it is alright to have a good time. Yep, it is TMI, I do not want to know what creepy thoughts go around inside that small noggin when you think about how to have fun. I am not you, and thank the good Gods for that, I know there is something ugly going on in the minds of many of you.

My idea of fun is to flirt with a few girls, to work on that holy union thing called marriage. To find a few friends for good conversation, to enjoy my day. I am going to go eat enough to be happy, and a pizza here, a hot dog there, or a piece of lean chicken is OK by me, but everything in balance.

Do My Duty

A man told me last night
"Andy, you need to do your duty."

It felt the same as that nutty preacher guy in Haiti, he kept telling me I need to pray more. I said,
"Why don't you sin less."
And, he got very angry, oops I hit the nail on the head, revealed the truth, brought it out into the light of day, found out what he was thinking in his dark mind, always T.M.I.

Again, he said to me,
"Andy, you need to do your duty."

This was not about me, it was about him, I suspect he was feeling this,

"I have always been a slacker, I have to constantly remind myself to do my duty."


"My son is a good for nothing, I need to constantly remind him to do his duty, work and support his family."

To me, it seem sort of idiocy,
"I do not need to remind myself to do my duty, it is what I do, because it is me, I do my duty willingly, without a reminder."

Ooops, I have never been a slacker, I always went to work, woke up at 5:00 am, and done my work, I never try to avoid work, I did it, so I could go say,
"Let's have fun all day."

First work, then have fun, that is why wake at 4-5:00 am, if I am done by 8:00, I can spend all day playing with my friends.

I want to tell all my friends,
"It's a fool who works all day at a job they hate."

They want to buy the good life with money, and the good life is free, what cost money is fools gold.

People work 30 years in the hope of enjoying the future, then die before the future arrives. I do belief God said in a confusing manner,
"Get a life."

Whether you believe in God, or do not, not important, it is good story, I think...

Here is a good idea for me, some of you enjoy doing puzzles, fixing grammar, correcting things for fun. You are more than welcome, I can give you access to these missive, and you can fix them for fun. I always enjoy it when I meet a girls how loves to clean my hotel room for fun, it is just an ironic twist on life to enjoy.

The danger of giving yourself the right to play all day, is you are going to think some creepy ways of playing, keep working please.

Sat, 14 Jul 2012 04:29:32

I know you are tempted, and I do not want to know what is in your head.

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