One's Capacity For Self Growth Is Greatly Determined By His Willingness To Suffer - Happiness

If we refuse to suffer discomfort, if we refuse to accept pain, then we also refuse to love, the measure of our love is how much suffering we endure to define our love.

"one's capacity for self growth is greatly determined by his willingness to suffer"
- Ghandi with a Twist...

I want everyone to sit in their chair, go for a walk, look the other way, think about something else than fear, anger, and frustration, and for sure, worry is about worthless.

Sit in your chair, for weeks, months, maybe a year, or two...

Then stand up, walk outside, and all the talk about Covid-19 will be gone; if there is one thing I am absolutely positive, 100 percent sure, wait long enough, and the sun starts to shine, and that we can forget anything.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham
Panajachel, Guatemala
Lake Atitlan
80 Dollars per Month Room
April 4, 2020 Saturday

Sat, 4 Apr 2020 20:20:22

Waiting For Godot

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