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It's The Small Things that Make Me Happy in the USA after 13-14 Years of Travel

I left the USA 13, almost 14 years ago, I now appreciate the USA more than ever before, but it is the small things, and not the big.

 Microwave Popcorn is great

Things I appreciate in Orland, Indiana USA.

1. Clean, I this small city wildly clean.

2. Hokey, there are signs for Halloween, there are flags on posts, my mother has a yellow house, it is happy in a way even even the East Coast or West Coast of the USA people and culture could never understand.

3. Quiet, after 14 years of noise, it almost keeps me awake, it is unnaturally quiet.

4. Discounts on items to purchase, while generally overall the USA is more expensive for most things, there are items you can purchase at half the price of the world, for example a Computer.

5. Endless amounts of people saying hello to me for no reason, there is no ulteriour reason, it is just needed to done to be proper in this small midwestern town.

6. Water from the tap, I truly do not like buying water every day.

7. Calling up Staples or Walmart and asking, "Do you have it in Stock?" There is  no way to let you fingers do the shopping overseas.

8. Mom and Dad saying hello to me in the morning, they will be married for 60 years in 2012, this is how stable my family is, I should always thank the good Gods.

9. Microwaves

10. Clocks in my parents house.

Everything I need is truly sold here in the USA at great prices, if I could find a room for 300 per month, I am positive I could live here as cheaply as anywhere on the planet. I am 100 percent sure it is possible, but then again, I am smart and was a real estate broker in Fort Wayne, managing 250 units, there are 100's, but they do not give you social status.

Simple life is Cheap in the USA.

I was walking from CVS to Aldis to meet my parents, you can almost feel the stares, anybody walking down the road in the USA is a bum, this just ain't right. I think German went crazy, I think England went crazy, I think France become too crazy for words --- there is the end coming to all large societes, the downward path starts when one culture thinks it is superiour.

I think the USA people can live cheap, but they want to much, they have no idea how to even live cheap in country full of anything and everythings.

I now do not fit in, I am different, but I know this is alway home, a place where I know all the rules.


My friends here in the USA do not like me appearing cheap, if I go into a restaurant I buy something for one dollar, while they pay 12 USD. I laugh when someone pays 50 USD for a massage when I get them all day for 3-6 USD, I can wait until I live. However, there are some high consumer items whereby there is so much competition that they are half price here.

I do not enjoy sitting around with people who complain about not having money, and they are constantly buying or splurging, it does not feel right in life.

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