I Like Math and by Admitting that I am Capable of Greater Happiness

I never wanted to be the nerd, however, I enjoy working with mathematical probabilities, therefore maybe I am a happy nerd when enjoying math.

Sexy Math

There is a lot of peer pressure by friends wanting me to accept Facebook as something good; even though I believe it is extremely dangerous for the average person. (I use it to advertise.)

There is a lot of peer pressure by my friends, family, business associates and practically every person on the planet to say,
"Math is no fun."

I have to admit, I enjoy math, nothing gets my blood rushing more than trying to predict the mathematical probability of something happening.

I enjoy guesstimating.

I despise people around me who refuse to estimate percentages, or giving the wimp answer, which is not an answer.
"It depends?"

I like the math, I like to predict the future, and sometime I put write all the numbers down on paper, show the pros and cons, weigh them, and make a very complicated and confusing thing. Then my friends say,
"Andy, you think to much."

I have learned this means,
"I cannot think that much, my brain is lazy, so please stop talking, I am bored."

The secret to happiness is somehow to try something new, then take a moment and ask myself, do I enjoy this? And if I do, then continue, but if not, I need to stop doing it no matter how many other people pressure me to continue; the art is finding the door gracefully.

I get on Facebook, I check my messages, maybe my nieces and nephews could write me, it is the only way I can communicate with them. I appreciate that, Facebook has opened one door for me to write them, I have no other way except for Facebook. I cannot call them, I suppose I could write letters, but it would only be one direction, so not very functional.

However, all in all, I believe that Facebook is the best way on the plant to steal people identities, then steal their money. I also believe it makes rape and pedophiles behavior 100 times safer for these people to commit crimes and never be caught. The can ask a person to go to an isolated location.

I have been joking, I want to find out the names of all the top level management of Facebook. And then I would get on Facebook steal their identity, then steal all their money as proof of the problem exist. I think if I had 10 names, I could steal 20 percent of the identities for sure within three months, and a total of 70 percent within a year, while 30 percent would be out of reach.

I am 90 percent sure I could travel through Afghanistan without having problem.

I believe that only 20 percent or readers read this line, skimming has become the norm for 95 percent of people, reading all words is abnormal now.

Happiness is simple, we need to so what we like, admit what we like, and somehow avoid discussions with people who want to tell us not to think.

60-90 percent of readers read very slow, they put more importance on the photos than the words, that mean the sexy photo above doubles the clicks. However, then makes them angry when the article is not about sex. Then they will write nasty comments to try to punish me for what they did, which is humorous to me, because in all probability they are just proving they cannot read that well and truly just want some stimulation in a debachery way.

Note, anything that is 100 percent clear, has less probablity of you thinking and feeling.





Sat, 19 Nov 2011 03:21:09

I Like Math, this type of photo doubles the clicks.

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