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How To Make People Happy

Respect and happiness are partners.

Happy Shrek





1. Allow the person to be important.

2. Listen

3. Sympathy for their cause.

4. Mimic or copy their behavior.

5. Encourage the person to talk about themselves.

6. Agree

7. Say the persons name.

Do not:

1. Do not ask questions directly, but indirectly about their interest. People asking questions are in control, do not take control.

2. Do not make them justify their opinions.

3. Do not notice anything silly or possibly stupid done by the person, be happy to overlook all the shortcomings.

The biggest challenge in life is to give respect to people who do not deserve respect, to love people who are unlovable, to forgive people who do not want forgiven.

Happiness is rare, but a worthy goal.


Page Turner

I read a book called Unwrapping Christmas by Lori Copeland about how people are always too busy and at the end a lady by name of Karen Hancock gave permission for this letter. Jesus didn't Hurry, Jesus was never in a hurry. He accomplished the greatest work a man ever accomplished in only three and one half years, yet he was never worried or hurried or flustered or stressed. He wasn't concerned with building a big ministry, nor was he rushing off to do this or that, urging his disciples to get this or that, going to see such and such. He stopped and talked to the people who came to his life without checking his watch. His disciples did not stand at his elbow reminding him he had to be in Capernaum by sundown or Jerusalem by the next day. Sometimes he just went fishing. The thing that struck me was that it sometimes it's okay to do nothing. People seem on a headlong charge to do away with rest and sleep as quickly as possible. Everyone is always in a hurry. I count it as no accident that the father called Jesus his beloved son before he did one thing in his ministry, The Bible's silence on those years between ages 12 and 30 are not a accident. Jesus was not doing great things for God during those times and God made it a point to declare him already beloved and well pleasing anyway. As believers, we are in union with him and this we are beloved and well pleasing before we do anything. So why are we obsessed with achieving things? We have nothing to prove and nothing in this world to gain. Jesus was not in a hurry. I don't have to be either. I don't have to worry about meeting my deadline, because he will see to it. I do not have to worry about building a big ministry because he will see it is whatever size he has chosen it to be. I don't have to prove anything because the children of God don't have to prove anything. I only have to follow him and learn of him and in so doing, I will find the rest that is the Christian way of life. It says in the Bible "Come to me, all you who are weay and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Mathew 11:28-30 I did not give you the complete letter but I feel these were the very important lessons we all need to take heed of. Slow down, smell the roses as my grandfather used to tell me.



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