How To Make People Happy

Respect and happiness are partners.

Happy Shrek





1. Allow the person to be important.

2. Listen

3. Sympathy for their cause.

4. Mimic or copy their behavior.

5. Encourage the person to talk about themselves.

6. Agree

7. Say the persons name.

Do not:

1. Do not ask questions directly, but indirectly about their interest. People asking questions are in control, do not take control.

2. Do not make them justify their opinions.

3. Do not notice anything silly or possibly stupid done by the person, be happy to overlook all the shortcomings.

The biggest challenge in life is to give respect to people who do not deserve respect, to love people who are unlovable, to forgive people who do not want forgiven.

Happiness is rare, but a worthy goal.


Fri, 16 Dec 2011 13:54:42

How To Make People Happy

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