Goal Worksheet By Andy Lee Graham

Happiness is evasive here is my personal goal worksheet, so you can see an example. By writing them down, they sit in the back of our mind working.

Goal Worksheet

Goal Worksheet of Andy Lee Graham

Write them down, never feel guilty, and share with friends, so they remind you in an annoying, what are you doing sort of way.

I am Andy Lee Graham founder, and chief cook for travel website called HoboTraveler.com. When I was around the age of 28, being totally confused and reading one self-help book after another, I wrote a Goal Worksheet similar to this.

Now, at age 60, I am going to work on this again.

Why? By listing them out, putting them down in writing, two things happen. First, our brains naturally work subconsciously to move towards the goals, and secondly, if we share with others, they too will help us move toward the goals. Beware, many friends will also sabotage for strange and mysterious reasons.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham

Goal Worksheet:

1. Do not fight with what is right to do. (Good Status.)
2. Do not lie. (Good status.)
3. Read a chapter in the bible monthly
4. Avoid the religious zealots, so as to avoid judgment or resentments.
5. Look for new friends, and girls daily for talking.
6. Find new hangouts in city where I am located.

1. One hour daily of health videos (Good status.)
2. Read one book per week.
3. Do NOT use Smartphone.
4. Write one book every two years
5. Write 1-3 blog post per week.
6. Write, and throw away ideas daily. Journalize

1. Give 3 strikes and you are out to potential friends, then erase from life.
2. Listen more.
3. Say no more to bad request, and say yes more to good ones.
4. Do not watch World News, or listen to people discuss.
5. Walk every morning

1. Go for walk daily.
2. Food, nutrients, minerals: Brain Regime (Extensive information)
3. Tie shoes standing up.
4. 25 deep knee bed daily.
5. Bend and stand with one gallon bottles, 25 times per day
6. 25 leg raises
7. Weight of 175
8. Get on scales daily
9. Sweat more to clean skin, swim more to hydrate skin.

Money / Business / Career
1. Have an person handle every aspect of my taxes, from bookkeeping to filing.
2. Double Amazon Sales yearly.
3. Work daily
4. Never retire
5. Ship 1 load of Teak from Togo to USA every 2-3 months.
6. Get interviewed by National Geographic. USA Today, New York Times
7. Do 30 minutes of annoying work, other than that, do not work...
8. 5 locations on planet with room rental of 25-35 per month.

1. Stop and see Mom two times per year.
2. Stop at home of all family members one time per year.
3. Listen to family members, and keep opinions minimal.
4. Find a wife, or mate.

1. Remember their birthdays
2. Log in and categorize level of friends
3. Say hello to everyone, including Americans
4. Do not give suggestions, allow people to ask.
5. Keep my mouth shut.

1. Trip from Nigeria to South Africa by Land
2. Congo River Trip
3. 5 new countries per year. 2016 (Iceland, Sweden, ? ? ?)
4. Russia
5. Find 5 Locations to hang out 1-3 months. (Togo, Guatemala, ?Ukraine, Thailand? South of France?)
6. Go to India to see Andrew and Wife.


Great idea Andy. I also think this helps us be more "alive" and accountable to ourselves to keep doing what makes us happy. Something to reflect on when you have to take some timeout and get your priorities back in order, both mentally and physically.