Feng Shui a Chinese Guide to Situational Awareness that Could Allow Happiness

Feng Shui is a way to become aware of the space we live in or occupy to best optimize our existence.

Feng Shui

Cocktail Conversation?

Feng Shui in Chinese literally means: wind ---water, and if you can empathize with living 3000 years ago in China closer to nature you may see this as about the same as setting up a tent for camping.

We must choose a location that is best suited to rain and water!

I am calling this cocktail conversation, this is a California term and best to be used at a cocktail party to allow others to think of you as clever.

However, on a serious note, to say Feng Shui would be a great way to focus your energy prior to choosing locations to sit, or arrange our space on the planet.

I believe we need to focus, we should make choices that allow us to be situationaly aware, free of danger, free to be happy, we need to know that Feng Shui is part of the big picture.

Have fun with this term, but take care, the more you read, the more confusing it becomes.