Can You Imagine the Future with Excitement

Happiness it easier when there is hope, patience, and an active imagination about the future.

I am having an exceptional day, life is good, full of mystery, wonder, and my imagination is running wild. Last night I had a dream, it woke me up, now I cannot even remember the dream, but I suspect my mind is full of excitement.

Can you imagine a two year trip across Africa?

Africa Trip

Bah called me, she wants me to get these shows,
- Army Wives
- Desperate Housewives
- Grey's Anatomy

I am supposed to deliver, she wants to watch these TV shows, it sometimes is nice to be given orders. I think these shows must be popular in French, I think she wants them in the French language. She is from Cote d'Ivoire, (Ivory Coast) and she wants what she wants.

Can you imagine not being afraid of women, she wants what she wants, and I will give here what I give her, it is not an argument, it is real life, simplified.

We watch movies together, normally, I need to download the SCR - Subtitles file so she can read in French, while I watch in English.

I can imagine pushing her to learn better English. She is in Ghana studying Journalism, but she also seems to say,
"They speak Twi."
(Implying, this Ghana English thing is a joke.)

I am practical, I imagine her learning better English so she can watch movies in English. I do not care if she speaks English, I speak French, can you imagine and American that does not need to speak English, as if the whole world needed to suck up to English?

She is hilarious, can you imagine a woman that speaks 5 languages? I now speak French and Spanish, and way more Thai than I thought, but a lot. But Bah is wild to the imagination, she text me the other day,
"Yo te quiero."

She is in language lag, she kept talking to me in Spanish when I was in Guatemala, now I am in Thailand and who knows what she thinks. Now, that movie "Lost in Translation," truly lost the plot, but I understand this phrase completely.
"Can you imagine a conversation where English, French, Spanish, sometimes an African word is used?"

I only weigh her on her intentions, 90 percent is lost in translation. I do not care what she says, I know, or imagine her on my side, she is not the enemy, but she is not American either.

Do you imagine a big fat black chick dancing, or do you imagine a sleek black girl running the 100 yard dash. Bah is the latter, keep you imagination on track, she is better looking than Rhianna in many ways.

Bah said,
"You come meet my Father and Mother, and I am free to go travel the world with you."

Imagine a Two Year Trip Across Africa?

I am not sure, in the last 3-5 years, I have stopped sharing my dreams, my hopes, and my imagination with readers. I think I was gun-shy, afraid of nasty comments. Now, I have not read them for maybe five months, and my mind is opening up to me, my mine feels free to think again out loud.

Dig deep, stall for second, stand up, look around, and say to yourself,
"Andy and Bah are going to travel for two years across Africa."

From, Ivory Coast to South Africa by land.

Now, imagine yourself doing this trip.

I imagine friends who are brave adventurers, they would sit around with me discussing how to get all the Visa for a Ivory Coast girl. Which countries would be good to hang out in?

Bah is not afraid, she is not afraid of Africa, she see it as a normal place. While, in many peoples minds, what they imagine about Africa is sort of hopeless. I see a lot of hope in Africa, and I can only imagine American holding a cell phone in their hands. Unfortunately, I cannot imagine much hope for Americans --- hmm, a cell phone or Africa, for me the choice is easy, I demand a life worth living.

I think of Swedish, and smile, of Spain and grimace, I think of Guatemalan and smile. Can you imagine having a real feeling for 90 different countries? I have them, not good ones, not bad ones, but real ones, I know 90 countries, and have a feeling for each of them. Imagine France, but imagine if you really knew France, and not some lie, something you was told to think?

Imagine how easy it is to escape, there is always good and bad in the world, but somehow, I would love to make you imagine leaving.


A life less living, a life worth living..

Andy Graham

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Fri, 9 Nov 2012 03:46:14

Imagine a two year trip across Africa.

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