Can I just say NO to this 15 Minutes Of Fame Thing?

I have no desire to be famous, yet I would like the money that often goes with fame.


"Be Careful What You Wish For: You Just Might Get It."

I enjoy traveling around the planet looking at all the wild and crazy things, my life is never boring, this lifestyle is a great place for a curious boy like me. I am grateful, in a way, I have an introspective life on steroids.

Now, please re-read that phrase,
"I have an introspective life on steroids."

I will translate; I have unlimited ability for unlimited self-examination: the detailed mental examination of my own feelings, thoughts, and motives.

I am rich in "Introspection Time."

I want to share this feeling with my family, friends, and readers, there is nothing that has made my life more enjoyable, than when I un-hooked from the USA cultural need to be "part of" something and started an introspective life.

I love all my friends, I have an overabundance, and because I can make friends with anybody sitting near enough to talk, I am sure all is good. However, friends, acquaintances, and other carry around hooks with bait. They will throw out the bait, expect me to bite, and the next thing I know, I am off doing something that is not really fun.

Now, I love to just hangout and talk about anything.

They take me to do "Chores" with them, or take me to do work.

The byproduct, the incredible benefit of moving from location to location, to be a traveler you must learn to walk away, that is travel, you are walking away from something, maybe going toward something new. And, because I am good at walking away, I have learned to introspect, not bite the bait, and avoid going and doing chores with my friend, unless I want to

This Damn Book I am Writing

Well, I am writing a book, and it will be finished, but I am worried. I find myself hoping it is a 100 percent flop. The reason is this, I do not want acquaintances wanting me to talk about the book. I like writing it, I am sure I do not want to talk about it, it is something I know about, nothing new to me.

I am writing the book because it can help people to enjoy life.

OK, I am using my unlimited power of introspection, and trying to devise ways to keep this idle talk about book things to a minimum in the future. I have to be careful what I wish for, I may get it...

Fame has to one of the worst forms of torture on the planet. I think inherently people want somebody to listen to them, and appreciate them. Writing is like that, you write something, and hope the reader understand. Yet, if I write something that is truly good, I do not need anyone to read it.

By writing, I am able to understand myself, and my world, that is all I need in life, to understand me, after that all else is a bonus.

Again, this Damn book, I am very protective of my introspection time, it would be hard to do if someone was knocking on my door. Give me money, I truly have no use for the fame, are is that how I earn the money, by sacrificing a pound of my flesh in return for money.

I am rich, I had the time to sit here and think about all the words above, there are truly some good Gods to blame for all this.



Sat, 14 Jan 2012 21:55:00

Can I just say NO to this 15 Minutes Of Fame Thing?

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