5 Rules Of Anger Management

Being happy is easy, we must learn to only talk with happy people.

5 Rules of Anger Management

Many people leave the USA to avoid angry people, when it is super easy to avoid anger.

  1. Look at people's faces.

  1. Listen to the tone of voice.

  1. When they speak ask yourself,
    “Are these words of friendship?”
    “Are they talking about something that angers them?”

  2. Do they laugh quickly?

  3. If you show anger, you receive anger.

The essential problem of anger is simple: if you are angry, do angry things, you will attract anger. 

When I am angry, it is always my fault. I allowed anger to enter the door, I am reading angry words,  I am clicking on angry headlines, I believe that angry people are smart.

Say, Life is good often...

Finished at 5:08 AM Marios Room Hotel Panajachel, Guatemala Lake Atitlan November 3, 2021 Thanks for making my life happy. Life is good. Andy Lee Graham Bonus, there are foods that depress me... I am not joking.

Look for happiness in words, and faces,

Wed, 3 Nov 2021 07:04:04

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