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I Paid Bill Money to Write the Burrito Factory Story

Bill was arrested on Lake Atitlan, so I paid him to write his story, he lost his restaurant, and the story needs told.

Sat, 6 Apr 2013 23:56:18

I Paid Bill Money to Write the Burrito Factory Story

I am willing to pay 50-200 USD or more per article written, I just proved that to myself again today, I clicked send money on Western Union and he picked it, I got an e-mail notice of the Western Union pickup.

Bill Lake Atitlan Burrito Factory

I am not willing to allow promoters to lie to my readers.

I will pay you, without a problem to write, and you do not need to be a writer, you need to have a story to tell, the who, when, where, why, what, how, and how much, with 1-100 photos.

Actually, the best stories are not from writers, they come from real people, then with the help of editor, we clean them, fix them, and polish.

I Paid Bill 10 Days Wages to an American
Today, I paid an American by the name of Bill who lives in Guatemala 10 times the daily wages of a person in living there. I wanted an honest article, in his own words, no second hand, hearsay, but in his own word what happened to him in Guatemala. A few friends wrote me to tell me that Bill was arrested.

Bill is or was the Owner of the “Burrito Factory.” In San Pedro de la Laguna, Guatemala, located on Lake Atitlan. The police came and arrested him at his Burrito restaurant, and he went to jail in Xela, Guatemala.

This is a story that needs told, so I paid, I will post it soon for you to read, after I arrange it, onto a page on the site. A site that is for people who life on Lake Atitlan or thinking about moving there, or maybe just want to hang out for a few months.

I am very generous.

In my estimate, I make about 1 USD per article written, per year, and roughly 4 dollars per video published. And, with all the changes on the Internet, that is maybe good now for 2-3 years.

Therefore I lost money in the short run, and hope to make money in the long run, by creating the most honest travel stories on the Internet. The goal is to have enough members where we are not dependent on search engines for traffic, a site for members, by members. 

I give up Free Article are Not Worth Reading

The only way I know to get accurate, honest, well researched, collaborated, journalistic articles written is to pay. Opinions are great also, when they are portrayed as opinions, not junk science, or pretend to be facts, but are opinions.

People submit stories free stories daily, and if your read the blog daily, you can see that almost zero of them make the front cover, or even the back cover, we orphan the majority, making it almost impossible to find. I think it is time to stop this Free idea, it just does not work.

I Want Stories Worth Telling and Generally NOT from Travel Writers.

As most of you know, I almost despise, if not hate travel writers. Why, because they lie, I only know a couple of travel writers worth reading, one is Paul Theroux, and he does not call himself a travel writer, he instead calls himself a writer that travels.

Just the other day, Mumbai Mike, sent me a long, personal e-mail about how to cure food poisoning. I realized his personal e-mail was so important, I publish what he sent as an e-mail, as a friend.

food poisoning

Food Poisoning Cure by Mumbai Mike

He sent me the explanation by e-mail, and I created the post, made the image above, because it was a GREAT story, a great, absolutely, 100 percent lifesaving travel tip.

A story that need told, or a well explained how to travel, how to live abroad travel tip.

Do you have a story that needs told, I will pay, please click on Guest Post, paste the article, and if I use it, we pay.

We are working diligently at the Hobo sites to create a way to pay editors to take rough stories, and clean them, so that average people, not writers can earn money by just being good people, telling a story that needs told.

My dream is let the good people win, and to keep the people who pretend to be helping you, but really are making a sale pitch to lose.

It is amazingly slippery road this Internet, it seems to be a place where con men thrive, and the honest people give up, and hide.

Don’t give up, I am on your side, I am with you, are you with me?

Let’s write stories worth reading together, as a team.


Andy Graham in Kara, Togo, West Africa.

The God Complex
Here is an wonderful video, please watch, is over decade old, and we can adapt, and make this travel community a home.

Note: I have now watch it this great video 3 times, because it is an idea worth sharing, and because I am not God, I need to hear more than one time.

Mumbai Mike wrote about food poisoning.
Bill former owner of Burrito Factory on Lake Atitlan.